Jeeves in the Offing

I like classical books because I always believe it must have some profound elements in it that made generations to consider it everlasting stuff’s. With that hope I had been persuading myself for the last couple of weeks to complete Charles Dicken’s “The tale of two cities” and “The Great Expectations”. Still I couldn’t fathom why I lack the substance to appreciate this great man works. If it had happened for just one book, I would have excused myself, for it bound to happen sometimes. But I miserably failed twice in attempt to read Dicken’s work. All I had done for the last two weeks was simply dozed off with my eyes wide opened, while pretending to read these well written books in the history of classics.

With my crushing spirit I decided to read something this weekend that might rejuvenate all my reading passion. What else could my mind think to soothe me? Non other than my all time favorite author PG Wodehouse’s “Jeeves in the Offing”.




Like most of the Jeeves series, the story begins with Bertram Wooster (Bertie) receiving a call from his old ancestor Aunt Dahlia to visit Brinkley court. Visiting Brinkley court is always been a joy for Bertram Wooster, only where his mouth would melt away with the aid of French chef Anatole – A man blessed with God’s gift of gastric juices (If you read the book you will understand) .But the joy lapsed only for seconds, for he soon discovered from her aunt that his fellow guests, whom had also been invited, are at present not in chummy terms with him. The reputable guests are Bobbie Wickham (former fiancée of Bertie), Mrs. Cream (the crime writer who reminded Bertie of Sherlock Holmes), her son Willie (a Kleptomaniac), Sir Roderick Glossop (Brain Specialist), Aubrey Upjohn (ex-headmaster of Bertie).

Certainly evident of his troublesome time, But still unable to resist Anatole’s food, Bertie embark to visit his Aunt’s house to experience another comic tragedy. All that happens, after his visit to Brinkley court will drive even a stone faced reader to roll over and laugh out loud. With so many twists and turns, all the mischief ends with the aid of Bertie’s witty servant Jeeves (one of PG Wodehouse’s immortal character). With the amusing plots and remarks, once gain PGW proved that he indeed a comic genius.

Phew! What a fantastic read after the gloomy experience for the last couple of weeks. Only when I finished the book I realized from the cold stare of my mom, that I might have split her ear drums with my loud and heartless mirth. I always know how much I had injured her with my goofy behaviors and once again she graciously laughed at me, by which my spirits lifted up, now my heart is dancing jolly well inside!


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