Some silly reasons, why I love reading books

· To Remember: I am susceptible to forget everything which I am not in touch with. When I was in my 8th grade accidently I cleared all the 8 Hindi preliminary papers from Prathmic to Praveen. The problem is somehow I failed to retain that knowledge in Hindi. Of course one couldn’t expect me to remember everything only with the exposure of some odd silly Hindi movies. After I finish my Hindi exams I hardly listen to Hindi and as an outcome all I could remember now was few Hindi alphabets and few words which somehow made indelible impression on me while I struggled to complete that sinister exams. What am I trying to make is, I love to read books mainly to avoid committing the same mistake with English.

· To Impress: It’s always a pleasure if someone thinks highly of you. I have noticed many times, my acquaintances elevating their eyes out of surprise, when they eyed me with a book. I think they might have been shocked to imagine how a fragile mind of mine could possibly understand Gandhi’s “My experiments with Truth”. Anyway it is fun to see their eyes wobbled out.

· To gratify: I have grown enough to undertake all the household duties. But somehow these cooking, washing, cleaning has never impressed me. My mother’s heart bleeds for me sometime. At one point I realized life is not all about thinking only of me. So I decided to think about my mother and to ease her pain I started to love books. At least it gratifies everyone to think me of some erudite rather than some lousy idiot to waste time.

· To be happy: I don’t know if there could be shortage for anything in the world except for depression. I have seen people who rather feel disappointed if they are not been depressed. Depression has such an effect on humankind. I doubt whether I lost humanity or what, because these days I never bothered about anything. This might because my mind completely magnetized to books and unknowingly it failed to appreciate the despair in the world.

There could be thousands of other reason why I love reading books, but all my mind could think now was only these few. If I realize the other reasons I will post them.


4 thoughts on “Some silly reasons, why I love reading books

  1. நல்ல பதிவு.. புத்தகம் படிப்பது என்பதின் காரணங்கள் வேண்டுமானால் அற்பமாக இருக்கலாம் ஆனால் நம்மை புத்தகம் படிக்க வைத்த காரணிகள் அற்புதமானவை… அவை அப்புத்தகங்களே….

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