First week…

With New Year celebrations still lingering in my mind, it is hard to believe that I have already exhausted nearly seven days in this year without doing anything worth as usual.  Not sure if it’s because of my hallucinations or not, but these days, time seems to be running very fast as if it is powered by some advanced Hypertech motor.


Jan 1 was fun. To begin New year with humor, the very first day I went to Chennai city center landmark to buy some entertaining books. An awesome bookshop. If I am laid off from my s/w job, I will seriously consider opening a bookshop.  With my purse weighed less without 700rs, I came out from the shop with three books (The ultimate hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy by Douglas Adams, The inscrutable Americans by Anurag mathur, Three men in a boat by Jerome K Jerome) which I have longed to read.  Currently reading the fourth part in the “The ultimate hitchhikers guide to galaxy”. Oh God! What a wild imagination!


The first news I heard on the first day of my office was not at all encouraging. One of my close friends working in a s/w company was laid off with out any warning. I had a very insecure feeling as if my Project manager will suddenly pop out and ditch me at any time. I consoled my friend and earnestly assured her to call her if I come across any job opening.


The rest of days are typical boring days with usual 2 hr morning travel to office, 8 hrs work in the sterile air-conditioned room with intermittent breaks and again 2 hr travel back to home.  It is ruthless and irritating to waste 4 hours in travel each day. I have been assigned to a high priority project (which would spare my lay off nightmares for sometime). Therefore, the coming weeks might favor me to pretend busy!



4 thoughts on “First week…

  1. Hi Vani! I can completely relate to you- I too spend a lot of money on books! But this year, it’s one of my resolutions to save more and spend less.
    Currently I am reading one of the books you bought recently- Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat. It’s great. Haven’t read Douglas Adams yet. Will make it a point to read that this year- everybody says it’s wonderful.

  2. hey even i love reading books!!!But i have never ever had the guts to walk into a book store-coz my purse is always empty!!!!!!Moore market has been my only source.

  3. @Aparajita , Spending money on books is something that even my resolution cannot curb :). I am yet to read “Three men in a boat”. The first three books in the Hitchhiker’s series were great but last two were complete disaster.

  4. @Siddharth, yes the same case with me when I was in college.My pocket money was so meager even to visit Moore market . Anyway Moore market is one of my favorite book hunting place !

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