Oh! No Newspaper Headlines!

In spite of thinking umpteenth time, still I cannot grasp the mystery behind distressing Newspapers Headlines. Is their any rule that every newspaper should have their front page occupied only with the worst possible news that happened on that day?. I see happy headlines only when India wins a cricket match. 


A couple of days back I woke up in the morning feeling “happiest entity” in the world and hoping hereafter my life would be like shining sun. I remember a quote “Man plans, God laughs”. It may be true because the first news I read in the newspaper was “SATYAM: A RS 7000 CRORE LIE”.  Being in a software industry, this one line was enough to crush my bubbling spirit and keep brooding for the rest of the day about my future. Like me, I think everyone was so obsessed by this news that day. Because for the rest of the day SMS, emails, even the coffee break chat were only about SATYAM’s Scandal.


I know it is essential for the newspapers to let the whole world know about all the crappy things happening around us. Nevertheless, can’t they place some inspiring, blissful, funny news in the front page and put those disastrous news somewhere in the next page? Is it that hard to find something good in a country like India with billions of population? Of course, there will be some good news in a perfect unnoticeable place in the newspaper but not on the Headlines. The funniest thing is after providing enough terrible news and negativism; at last, you will find articles advising readers on how to keep oneself happy, how to be a optimist, 5 ways to handle stress, and other blah ..blah ……


I still wonder how Indian newspapers setup this practice of organizing news. I mean how we (Indians), who are so auspicious and superstitions about everything, who couldn’t bear even a poor cat crossing their way are managing to begin a day with such pathetic news headlines?…Cant the newspapers use some new creative ways to attract the readers ?


2 thoughts on “Oh! No Newspaper Headlines!

  1. Admit your point, but tell me, which one of the following qualifies as a news? A. 9999 buses of city transport corporation reached their destination without any accidents or B. One transport corporation bus met with an accident…

    More over they need to sell the news and for that, they need to make it sensational…

  2. @Shrinidhi

    I like your compariosn. Yes, certainly the “B” makes sensational news. It is true that somehow everyone has strong affinity towards awful news.

    Nevertheless, it is a pity that, to be sensational the newspapers have to exaggerate the news to make the readers feel that it is only by luck that the rest of the 9999 buses escaped the accident.

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