Miserable Meeting

You know how embarrassing it would be if some one expects your answer in a meeting call, but your poor mind wondering why suddenly everyone in the call become so silent without knowing that you are the one who has been questioned and it is your task to break the stillness with your bright answers. This is what happened to me in the project meeting this week.

We have these projects meeting each week to discuss the status of the work assigned to us. Both the US and India project team have to participate to grumble upon the various project issues that has been bothering everyone since the last meeting. I attended it from my home since it was a late night meeting. I joined the conference line precisely at the meeting time. The project manager (meeting coordinator) and few other fellow team members were already there on the line. There was sufficient distortion on the line to strain my eardrum. I pressed my ear hard against the mobile hoping that would somehow amplify the sound but it proved futile.

The meeting started. Our PM who is also an Indian started to discuss the project in his Indo-English slang from US. His voice hardly reached my ear. I excused myself and asked my PM to speak little bit louder. He did but it was effective only for the next couple of minutes. I asked my colleague via messenger whether she could hear the call clearly. She said she could. I was perplexed and started to doubt my mobile, which I bought only few weeks back. While I was, busy contemplating my mobile’s efficacy, I lost track of PM’s speech. Suddenly our PM was silent making evident that he has finished pouring whatever he had in his mind and others started discussing about the issues put forth by him.

Until that time, I doubted only my mobile, but my fellow teammate’s discussion made me to doubt even my sense of hearing. All I heard was some soft murmuring noise, which sounded as if someone discussing in American accent at the depth of 100 feet deep hole. There was no use in asking them because the more I requested them to speak louder the more it sounded shallow. I wished I could have some remote control to increase the vocalization of them. There was no viable solution for my miserable position. I kept listening to them without the slightest knowledge of what they were discussing.

Then happens the tragedy, all of a sudden every one was silent. Initially I thought the line got disconnected. However, my mobile showed the call is still active. Then I thought may be no one has possible solution to offer my PM. I waited ………but no progress in the meeting further. Then there was a feeble voice of someone calling my name. Only then, I realized that I was the culprit liable for that prolonged silence. I could have asked them what they had discussed so long and what they expected out of me but I did not .My initial frustrations rendered me irrational .Besides that if I ask those questions it would have only made them furious. while I was cracking my mind to answer that difficult question, again the same voice whispered my name.

Vani ?

I said politely …err …pardon me ?

The voice replied the question …..Do you have any clue on how to resolve the issue, which we have discussed?

I said ……I am sorry I need to test something related to that issue and only then I can make any suggestions. (Without any clue of the issue)

I thought he would call me crazy!

He said …….Hmm..ok then…

After few more discussions, the meeting ended. To my relief, no other questions were aimed at me. May be they would have thought it was useless to ask my comments. I cursed me for making fool of myself.


5 thoughts on “Miserable Meeting

  1. arrey no…..under the situation, I think ur reply was pretty good….intelligent….I don’t think they’ll ever understand that u had no clue whatsoever 😛

  2. Hi Vani,

    Good thinking.

    While reading through the post, I was wondering what I would have done…probably, I would have lost out on time and when pushed, I would have simply said – ‘Sorry, I could not follow your discussion, there is some background noise….Can I get back to you offline on this?’.

    Your answer shows you can think quickly…impressed..

    – Discoverer

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