Chennai book fair

 I have never been to any bookshops except Chennai Moore market and Landmark because they are the only places easily reachable for me. This is the first time I am visiting a book fair. After enough pestering, today my father graciously agreed to accompany me. We reached St. George School by 10.30 A.M. There were hundreds of stalls and numerous publications. I have never seen so many bookshops assembled in a single place. I was so happy to see many book freaks like me. The event was well organized. However, all my happiness vanished after sometime.


To be honest I find it difficult to buy books in book fair. Though the sight of countless number of books initially overwhelmed me, I was terribly perplexed on what to buy and where to buy. The place was completely thronged. I had to keep on calling my dad’s mobile each time after I miss him. It seemed impossible to find my favorites in the midst of ocean of people. I had no clue of where to get the books at low price. The price of the same book varies incredibly for each publication. To increase the complications the books were arranged publisher-wise instead of genre-wise. If you do not know the publishers then you are lost.


After gaping for an hour, at last I managed to find the book “Long walk to freedom” by Nelson Mandela (RS 650/-), which I longed to read. Nevertheless, I did not buy because of the price difference. I could get the same book for 200 RS less in Indianplaza (online shopping). I was mildly disappointed .I checked few other shops for English novels but nothing seemed to be worth buying because I could get the same books for lesser price via online shopping. Therefore, I abandoned my search for English novels and decided to check Tamil books.


I have not read many Tamil books. After reading Kalki’s Ponniyin selvan, Sivagamiyin sabatham and Parthiban kanavu my admiration for Tamil authors increased dramatically. So, in the midst of crowd, while I was thinking rapidly to buy Tamil books I realized my problem that I do not know which author to chose. Then my father suggested to me to try Sujatha, Jayakanthan and Kannadasan Novels. At last, after 3 hours of tough search I ended up buying the following books…


Alaiosai by Kalki

Thyaga bhoomi by Kalki

Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidharkal by Jayakanthan

Thunai Ezhuthu by Ramakrishnan

Srirangathu devathaigal by Sujatha

Arthamulla Indumatham by kannadasan


When I was about to leave the place, I found a separate stall for RK Narayan’s work. My heart bounced with joy on seeing my favorite author books but my mind reminded me that I had already exhausted my money. I had to leave the place halfheartedly …………


4 thoughts on “Chennai book fair

  1. hi…
    this time i also went to the book fair-with frens…
    ya-that crowd factor is always disturbing & diverting-we never get enuf time to search for books….

    & a superb choice of books!!!!i haven’t read the first two and the last-but the rest are simply amazing-sujatha is @ his best in srirangathu devadhaigal!!!

  2. It is never the crowd that bothers me at any book fair or even a large bookshop- it’s the sheer number of books. I get all starry-eyed just looking at them and I just can’t decide what to buy- I feel like I’d like to loot the whole place! 😀

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