A Petty argument …

It is a known fact that if a group of fatheads gets in to an argument nothing would happen but a blatant disaster. My concern is not that. What troubles me is, I (being one of the fatheads) played a crucial factor behind provoking that dumb debate.

It was around 5.00 P.M yesterday, I returned to my seat after a short coffee break feeling happy and contented for not doing anything useful as usual. While I was busy mulling over this fact, one of my colleagues (say Mr.X) chanced to stop at our cubicle. To break the boredom of work, my friends (cubicle mates), asked him whether he watched the movie Villu. Being a die-hard fan of actor Vijay, Mr. X replied that he indeed watched the movie and started to boast about Mr. Vijay and his noble performance in his movies. My friends, obviously not convinced by Mr. X’s opinion, told him that actor Vijay is a silly, pompous idiot who has mastered the art of delivering invariable trashes like Villu. This rude remark enraged X, for he said Vijay and Simbhu (I don’t know the reason behind sudden manifestation of this blighter-simbhu name) are the two talented heroes who survive in the competent film industry purely by their individuality. Further, he added, these two idol’s acting brains must not be compared with some unskilled pauper like Surya.

(Note – For those who are puzzled by the names Vijay, Surya, Simbhu please be noted they are Tamil film heroes)

It was precisely at this moment my boiling sarcasm exceeded its limits. Because this guy Surya has somehow impressed me since my school days. So unable to bear the abusive comments intended on my favorite hero, I made the foolish act by jumping in to that feud. I know “An argument is exchange of ignorance” but at that moment my sarcasm overruled my sanity. With my diminishing wisdom, I demanded a valid reason from Mr X for calling Surya an “unskilled pauper” and definition of individuality that Surya lacks.

Mr X repliedBy unskilled pauper I mean that Varanam ayiram hero (he is not willing to pronounce surya’s name) cannot prove himself If he has not been gifted with great directors. He is nothing but a director’s child. Whereas, Vijay & Simbhu have proved even with nameless directors. The individuality that Surya lacks is” mass” market.

To rescue Surya I saidMindful directors could not afford to do heroism and related fantasies in their sensible films. Surya has the decorum not to do laughable heroism in his films. This quality could have made him director’s child. I suggested MR X to read movie reviews of his adorable actors in the net that shall speak the public reactions to their films.

Mr X saidThose movie reviews must have been written by so-called _____ s/w engg doggies. Go and check the rural centers because there comes the true fans and not in hi-tech trendy cinema theatres.

With my patience wearing out, I saidProbably, those rural fans are not yet privileged to access internet and post their comments. So that doesn’t mean they are pleased with the film.

Again, Mr X eased himself by spewing out more crude remarks on software engineers. My friends were so flabbergasted by his harsh words. They pointed out to X – that he also belongs to that same mob. Since there was no choice, he nodded unwillingly. Our prominent debate continued this way. At one point, we realized that we depleted one hour in that hopeless argument but still hesitant to stop abusing each other’s heroes. It was 6.00 P.M when I checked my watch. I said, I have to catch my cab. We all laughed, winked our eyes, shook hands and said bye to each other apparently pretending as if nothing offensive had happened. (That’s the spirit! Isn’t it ?)

When traveling in the cab, I again refreshed my memory and gave deep consideration over my tireless debate. I don’t mind wasting time but it seemed arguments are too foolish to waste time. Finally my head voice echoed “Vani ! Enough of your pointless acts! Get enlighten and stop being nutty like a fruit cake !”. So, hereafter no more futile arguments (at least for some days).


10 thoughts on “A Petty argument …

  1. hey vani.. thanks for stopping by my blog.. I read some of ur articles too.. I loved them 🙂 btw give this Mr.X one tight slap from my side as well x-( since even I like actor Surya.. 🙂

  2. I dont blog.. Guess what? I am very poor in writing.
    And.. Not chennai.. I am from Salem but residing at Software engineer’s thalai(vali) nagaram bengaluru. 🙂

  3. Hi Vani,

    Just happened to stumble upon your blog today (been resting and browsing in a week long vacation) and read through some of your posts…must admit there is simplicity, honesty and certain level of directness visible in your writing. Good work from what I have seen…..will continue to drop in once in a while in future.


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