Tear the tears…

I hate Tears. I prefer to punch a wall thrice instead of sobbing. It is not that I am stone hearted. Probably, I guess it’s a kind of phobia. There are reasons behind this abomination. First, it will make me look horrible. Second, it will render me speechless leaving the situation completely out of my control. Third, though however justified it seems while sobbing, after regaining the composure it always embarrass me for creating such a huge scene.


I equally hate others weeping in front of me because it is not such a pleasant sight to see. The last thing, I want to happen is two tear-filled eyes peering at me. Again, there are reasons behind it. First, it will always put me in a dilemma of what to do next, because any small mistake from my side will only help to fill more water in the victim’s eyes. Second, as soon as I saw tears, there are bright chances for me to start blabbering. That is why most of the time I prefer to be silent in calamities like this, but others mistake me for being unkind. Third, this tragedy would disturb me for the rest of the day.


I see guys have weak attachment to tears compared to women. I hardly see them doing this act. This is one among the aspects, I like about Guys. There are exceptions in them too. For example, Cheran (actor/director). I remember seeing couple of his movies and regretted later. It doesn’t matter if hero cries a couple of times in the movie. But this guy cheran keeps crying in all his movies along with the heroine. I think he sees it as a fun.


My sudden obsession towards tears is because of an unfortunate glimpse over Roger federer tearful photos at Australia open Tennis. It is sad to see his photos. Today there is a big article about this tragedy in Times of India. Not only with Roger’s photos, but also other celebrities like him who broke down in front of public. There were also comments on how other icons feel about that incident. Phew! Save the celebrities from media.


6 thoughts on “Tear the tears…

  1. Crying is neither particularly good or bad. The circumstances, reason and manner makes the difference. Crying is not weakness, it is a display of emotion. Different people have different ways to show their emotions. Also, crying can be healing in some situations.

  2. hey ur title itself was captivatin!!!!ya-federer was lookin childish in those photos!!
    but we’ll hv to accept-cryin is the only immediate relief for certain situations!!

  3. yeah I agree with u.. but I think it also depends on the person.. I try to control and not to cry so much but sometimes I cannot.. when I am really hurt about something, tears start flowing automatically.. I used to cry seeing others cry sometimes (out of sympathy).. it was not like I wanted to cry or I like crying 🙂

  4. In our society crying has been something trademarked to be feminine and childish and that is the reason most guys dont do it in public. I in particular know a couple of guys who keep on crying in loneliness.
    Even I couldnt watch my favorite Fedex crying in public. Hope he gives Nadal the thrashing in the upcoming French Open(though the chances of this are too small. Lets hope the best)

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