Sila nerangalil sila manithargal

It is Jayakanthan’s Sahitya Academy-award-winning novel.  One of most deeply moving story I have read recently.


Ganga (a Brahmin girl) gets sexually mistreated by Prabhu (a wealthy man) on a rainy night. Enraged by this incident, Ganga is abused by her brother and forced to leave the family. Her maternal uncle rescues Ganga. Nevertheless, Ganga’s helplessness made her lusted uncle to take advantage of her. To defy and prove her uncle wrong, who says that she cannot marry and lead a normal life like any other women, Ganga decide to find Prabhu whom she had met only once on that rainy night many years back. Ganga’s solitude and Prabhu’s vulnerable married life & guiltiness made them become good friends and find solace in each other. This unusual or rather controversial friendship causes uproar in their families. The rest of the story reveals what befalls on Ganga and prabhu’s life with a twisting and stirring end.


Though the storyline seemed to be uncommon and controversial, especially in the conservative society like ours, the author has brilliantly presented the novel. The story explores the most intricate relationship between a lonely woman and a married man.Certain questions has no answers.Ganga’s life is one such question. Sila nerangalil sila manithargal (Some people at some moments) is a very apt title for this work. You will find it out when you read it!


11 thoughts on “Sila nerangalil sila manithargal

  1. A Perfect Masterpiece from JK,Thanks to his Classic Narration which can’t be be expressed in words, can only be experienced by reading.

  2. You amaze me,when many were running behind Dan brown,Wodehouse and Chetan Bhagat,u writing abt JK.God!!! Keep writing about more Tamil Classics.Really stunned.

  3. @Mahesh, It is a great compliment for me …Thank you !. I agree. The book cant be expressed in words, it has to be read and relished. Quite unexpected and stunning ending 🙂 JK is great !. This book caused deep effect on me …

  4. Its a pity I cannot read Tamil. I wish they would translate some of the Tamil classics into English.
    I was fortunate enough to read the entire translated collection of Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki and was absolutely bowled over.

  5. @Vyas yes, Ponniyin Selvan is a master piece. I will run out of adjectives if I start to praise that book !.. Hats off to Kalki .

    In fact, I am engaged in a campaign to spread its popularity by pestering people to read that book

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