Valentine’s Day – A careless observation

  • A day proudly hailed by couples and deeply cursed by singles.
  • Public display of affection should be strictly ensured on this day.
  • Fellows who are in love, thinks that, fellows who are not in love as “Fruits among the youths”.
  • Fellows who are not in love thinks that, fellows who are in love as “good-for-nothing”. (Of course, their inside would boil over with jealousy!)
  • Still cute little red/pink hearts, Bunch of red/pink roses, Tajmahals, Teddy bears and Valentine’s card are considered to be most preferable gifts by both genders. (Dash the usage of these gifts. They are symbols of cute love. Isn’t that enough? )
  • Red and pink are deemed to be most auspicious color. The intensity of affection is directly proportional to the intensity with which these colors take their presence in the valentine’s gift.
  • Theatres, Parks and beaches remain the best spot for the lovers to irritate the pubic as well as to enjoy this grand occasion.
  • It becomes mandatory even for married couples to celebrate this day to show the world that they are no way less compared to these showy teens in expressing love.
  • Strictly, TV channels have to telecast most romantic love stories for the whole day with the hope it would make the lovers to love their channels. However, unfortunately, such movies will be watched only by the old birds (parents, others) in the house.
  • Newspapers have to publish interesting articles of present celebrities love stories with the snippets of how and with whom they had celebrated their last Valentine’s Day.
  • On this grand day, shopping malls and online shopping sites would offer reduction on anything that is painted on red/pink, which customers have to believe as great gifts and buy it.
  • Cell phone companies will come up with whole lots of innovative SMS and talk time cards to make sure the lovers are engaged in their mobiles, to mess up the entire network. As a result, genuine callers would only hear the tone “Network Busy”.
  • Though teens prefer not to follow any dress codes in their college, they still feel it is not respectable if they don’t follow the below dress codes on this day blue- I’m free, Green- I’m waiting, Orange- going to propose, Pink- accepted just now, Black- proposal rejected, White- already booked, Yellow- broke up,!!!, Gray- not interested…, Red- leave me.
  • This day would help political parties to unleash their fancy statements on how our culture gets offended by these outrageous celebrations.

Ok, let me stop here before I bore you to death on this lovely day. There are also exceptions in the above list and it is only my observation, so please don’t get offended.  Any way it is a entertaining day for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – A careless observation

  1. Hell i didn’t knew about those codes apart from the orange one (that too i thought red) . This may be one of the reasons i don’t have a girlfriend. Very good information i will definitely store this in my memory for future. Interesting stuff. Keep writing.

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