A Letter to Blogger


I am deeply offended by your repeated ridiculous post. Blogs are used to share personal experience, interest, opinions but that shouldn’t be taken as granted and used as a medium to germinate and spread your obscurity on readers mind. Do remember “Words are sharper than knife”. Any wrong usage of it will only lead your poor readers to mental illness and for which you will be held responsible. Hence I request your twisted mind to take some time and think about it. I have been patient ever since I have started reading your posts, hoping that there will be a dawn for your madness too. All I could say after reading your posts is – Ah! Here goes another 5 precious minutes of my life! But your recent posts zeroed my tolerance level and so here I am writing this letter with my sleeves rolled up to shed light on how if feels like being your blog reader. I hope you understand your situation and hereafter will not involve in any more treacherous posts that hurt your readers.

PS – Please be advised that failure to take notice on this issue means violating “Blog readers right” and alternate strict actions will be taken accordingly.


Don’t-want-to-reveal-name reader (Victim of your blog)

Author’s (Vani’s) reaction:

Author’s immediate reaction after this humiliation is to dig a hole and hop in to it. Later she changed her mind to spell Avada Kedavra against herself and get killed, but soon she realized that she is not a JK Rowling. After regaining her temper, she considered that the only viable solution is to “Keep her head straight “and walk as if nothing had happened.


9 thoughts on “A Letter to Blogger

  1. Hi Vani,

    Not sure if you really received a comment like that or is it some funny thought from your side. If you have actually received a comment like that, ignoring such comment(s) is the best thing to do.

    I for one, would believe that you write well. Continue your good work.


  2. ROFL..that was a damn funny imagination but guess what I dont even get any comments…nit even “your blog is not worth any commnet” type comments..

    now you knw what to do to cheer me up dont you 😉

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