Defining terms – “SHARE” Auto-Rickshaw


  1. A three wheeled mini monster
  2. Artistic sibling of auto-rickshaw
  3. Migrates (hmm ….wait …smuggles) middle class mortals from some point to some other point
  4. Designed with intensive engineering skills to promote traffic disorders
  5. Unintentional back bone breaker, ear strainer and passenger crusher
  6. Born with innate ability to domesticate twice (hmm …no twice2 )than its capacity
  7. Travels with the amazing top notch speed of 50 km/hr even if there is no medium to rest its wheel
  8. Perpetually penetrate through every available gap (hmm.. no inch) causing enough chaos.
  9. Induces strong temptations to traffic uncle’s (especially towards the end of the month).
  10. A tough competitor for public transporters
  11. Deprives most entertaining usual fair negotiations with its fixed rates
  12. King of Chennai wallahs

 The image above was unearthed from Google. While I was busy digging Google, I landed on another artistic design of Share auto’s sibling here.


5 thoughts on “Defining terms – “SHARE” Auto-Rickshaw

  1. ha ha….funny but accurate definition!!!!!gr8 post!!!!
    but travellin in share autos is a must-get experience & that bargainin factor-u can learn loads and loads of lessons from those drivers!!!

  2. @Siddharth, yeah even though it is tiring for both driver as well as passenger, one must still master the bargaining skill…

    @Maxdavinci, Thank you !

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