A case study of chennaite home

10 years back our residence was like India’s pleasing position on Atlas. India is a peninsula, so was our home. I mean to say, when our house was built, that area lacked the proper drainage system. As a result we were blessed, to do fishing from our compound wall and can see tortoise and snake shows from the corridors. One rainy season, I remember we even planned to launch a ferry service. We are no more privileged, because now surrounded our home are, a primary school ground, “Popular” appalam factory, a Marvadi’s house and yet another house. There is something disturbing in this weird combination of our neighbors which tempted me to do this case study.


Popular Appalam factory

At one time, this building grabbed the credit for making our home a peninsula instead of island. They were the forerunners of that no-mans-land once. When we were shifted to our new home, the appalam in that appalam factory were our only entertainers. I still remember the days when we (me and my brother) both watched and wondered on the ways used to make that round object-appalam. We were too naïve to grasp the horror of having a factory nearby. Without that appalam factory our home would weigh considerable amount of tons less. Because, the powder from the factory, is penetrating on every inch of our abode. Even my laptop and mobile’s dusty key pads will always remind me of appalam. Quite a curse to keep a mind occupied with appalam but have no choice.

Primary school ground

This playground is a transformation of a water body. It happened only a year back. The place which once entertained water living creatures are now entertaining notorious school kids. The sand filled ground helps to add more injury to my powder filled home. So now no raw fine particles of appalam at my dwelling, instead a classic combination of sand mixed appalam powder dust. The kids in the ground are in fact more dangerous than the dust. They have the obnoxious way of playing and shouting which have the tendency to break our glass windows and ear drums. Sometimes quite entertaining though!

Marvadi’s house

This three storey building renders our single floor home absolutely invisible. Quite a big family with a bunch of bright broods. It is very inevitable to think their family didn’t give a damn about India’s population. At present they are our full time entertainers. Their criminal kids have extraordinary vocal chords and unintentional strong sense of humor. They are perilous than Pakistan terrorist and behave like Pakistan government by denying all their evil doings. Irritated by those kids, once one of our relative scolded them, but those little guys remarked “parunga da patti thitranga?”. My relative was deeply pained by this comment as she believed she can only be called as Aunty and not patti (old lady) .Since then I have been careful with those guys as they are capable of calling me aunty instead of sister. These young fellows have no respect I say !

Yet another house

This building occupied three-fourth of our façade shrinking our entrance entirely. This is actually my periappa’s (dad’s elder brother) house and he rented it to some decent family. The family is so decent that they never care to dwell on the house. So except the existence of the family I don’t know much about their characteristics. From their complete absence I suspect they might be good humans as they have no intention of torturing their neighbors.

It is fun to have a peppy ambience despite some disturbances. It is the very same thing I missed so much on my US Trip.


6 thoughts on “A case study of chennaite home

  1. Nice ambience 🙂

    Definitely better than staying in a Bangalore apartment where a Rajasthani family stays in opposite and Orissa people in the left flats.

  2. Hi Vani,

    You seem to have a flair for writing. You should seriously consider writing a little beyond blogs as well.

    May not be such a bad good idea to start writing a novel, may be even a small one.

    Parts of the novel you can put it in the blog as well:)


  3. nice post.. but guess what.. even we have marwadi neighbors with plenty of kids 🙂 u made me nostalgic with this post :(( now I started missing home..

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