Dear Sun TV Network,


This post refers to the lunatic SMS scroll bar that you proudly exhibit in your regional music channels. It is needless to say that your Short Message Service has the special tendency to shift the viewers head for every five seconds and gain the sadistic pleasure by hindering the hearing of heavenly songs that you ardently telecast in the middle of ads. I don’t mind swinging my head if those messages are of any use for me. But taking a look at the SMS highlighted below, don’t you think you demand too much from your viewers just because they opt to watch your channels. Your website claims that “Sun network” being India’s second largest television network is watched by millions of peoples all over the world every day. Have you ever bothered about the fact that the eyes of those million peoples have access to your shameless displays?Pardon my sarcasm sir! as I am still at the hands of ignorance and cannot fathom the real significance of those moronic messages. I would be eternally grateful if you disclose what kind of worldly pleasure you accomplish by displaying those worthless wretched messages.Don’t say this is business sir, as I feel only guys whose mind corrupted with some senseless syndrome would prefer to do business this way!



This blog author 


 SMS samples from Sun Music


Suresh  : Enna di chellam sapta ?


Sarathy : Sarathy,Sarathy,Sarathy


VV : If you don’t eat chappathi, I will kill you


Kavi : I love you di sami


Sugunya : Oh butterfly butterfly saradha butterfly Shanthini butterfly sugunya butterfly


Surya : SJ surya had lunch


Me : This song only for me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me


I : My best friend is god


Vivek : Like nakka mukka song enjoy life


Vicky : Gayathri 


8 thoughts on “Dear SUN TV

  1. //Sugunya : Oh butterfly butterfly saradha butterfly Shanthini butterfly sugunya butterfly//

    Enna koduma sir ithu.. 🙂

  2. ROFL again!

    “Vicky : Gayathri ”

    Now that’s what I call a short message!

    Perhaps one solution could be to forward all these senseless massages to kalanidhi maran…

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