Voter ID

There are objects, on seeing them, will kill immediately all your willpower and ditch you to sink in to the sea of hopelessness. My voter ID card is one such kind. A sneak look at the snap on it, is enough to send shockwaves back through my spine. The word “Horrible” won’t do justice if I use it to express that photo.

Once I took a copy of my voter id (for address proof), to get a SIM card for my mobile. The shop boy looked at it, shuddered for a moment then simply stared at me. That evil stare can be roughly translated to

“Who-is-going-to-call-you? “

I stared back at him implying


I generally don’t like showing my ugly photos to everyone. But life will not provide you with options all the times. So I have no choice. The photo taken, pride gone and damage done. What hurts me more is that, the torment will not end in a day. Whenever I am asked for a photo proof/address proof or to participate in voting to prevent India’s destiny from doom, I need to display this dreadful image. I know, to demand a high resolution colorful digital image of mine from the election commission is too much. I also know that government has more important business to govern than taking beautiful photos of billions of people but still all I need is an ID card with a decent photo of mine.

Can’t they improve the picture quality? Shouldn’t I be proud when i display my Voter id ?

PS – I don’t have the guts to show off my id card here. The display above which closely resembled the picture quality of mine is taken from here


6 thoughts on “Voter ID

  1. You beat me to this post..was planning one on this 😦
    You have no Idea how much I felt the same way after seeing my photo. It was almost as if someone compressed my head and my jaw was pulled to the left… but my photo was just a wee bit better than that of my sis…so had great fun 😉

  2. You are lucky enuf to get a voter id card..i haven’t go tmine even though i was supposed to take part in the last elecction.

    btw,Very nice blog 🙂

  3. @Baskar , Yes i do have some hope on him. Let see..

    @Nutty, 😀

    @Siddharth , poor you …I feel better now 😉

    @Gracelyne, Thank you !

  4. Hahaha….frankly something quite similar happened to when when I went to make a metro card here in Petersburg. And frankly I look dreadful.
    Its a good thing that I need not show it to anyone though!!!

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