Fire pot and some fine adjustments

Chettiar Aunty-our neighbor, once at the time of adversity, out of frustration, with her kneels down, hands raised above, had prayed in front of Mariamman temple as below

Dear holy Mariamma,

Your mischievous games, in the form of fate, on my life is unbearable. Please do alter my future and grant me some fun. I want this and that to happen in my life. I you do “this and that” things to me then in reward I will do so and so stuffs to you. Hope you will make a note of my wishes.

Days passed….

Aunty was happy again. Her wishes were noted it seems and few were approved. This sudden happiness shifted all sad memories to her subconscious mind, made her forget the bribe thingy which was earlier promised to goddess on the account of her wishes being granted.

Bribe delivery period expired. Adversity attempted another secret visit to aunt’s life. Memories shifted back to conscious mind, aunty was active again to deliver the deeds which she had pledged earlier. One among the so & so thingy to be done as part of this holy mission is to carry burning fire pot (temple ritual) from her home to temple with out any rubber chappals at feet. After considering the scorching Chennai Sun and the kilometers that had to be crossed in bare foot to deliver the hot pot to the temple, Aunty was aghast. She couldn’t believe herself that she had promised this.

Aunty went ahead and consulted temple priest to check if any concessions are allowed on this pot ceremony. Priest considered the small kanikkai (another form of bribe) at his hand offered by Aunty and advised counter solution: “Listen ma! No need to travel all the way from home carrying the burning pot. Just go around the temple once with hot pot that would suffice. I am sure Mariamma will overlook the distance”.

This adjustment compromised both the sides (goddess & Aunty) and other side (priest) as well.

Now Mission completed.


5 thoughts on “Fire pot and some fine adjustments

  1. hey nice post yaar….& dont forget that festival in which person breaks a coconut on hundreds of heads& other such things-our obsession with god is costin us dearly these days!!

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