Super Groom !


In a unique, first of its kind experience on television, NDTV Imagine presents a new reality show that traces the journey of a bride-to-be, from selecting her groom to the marriage ceremony, all captured on television.

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Well Rakhi Sawant wants to get married like Sita and NDTV imagine is going to present this modern swayamvar in the name of reality show. All the audiences are hereby requested to extend their kind support to this brainless national important show.

What do you think after reading this? Wait …who bothers what I or you think about this .This will not put off dudes from enrolling to this contest and prevent Rakhi from choosing her Rama.

What will our local Tamil channels think about this? Will they leave this matter just like that? Wouldn’t it be a great humiliation for them if they don’t copy this show too? Yes it will be too hard to resist for our plagiarism plagued desi channels mindless mind, especially when the show is too moronic like this.

So don’t get surprised incase if you happen to watch shows like …

Airtel Super Senior groom (age > 30) , Super Junior groom (age < 30) , Achi masala Athiradi groom, Tata indicom Top groom …and other etc, etc groom.

 Hopefully the whole bride’s family will judge the show. If the family count is high, it doesn’t matter, they will be categorized in to normal judges, special judges, silent judges and other etc, etc judges. So get ready to shoot your SMS to bride’s SMS contest and help all our unmarried desi heroines in their wedding.

PS – Honeymoon packages to tour all around the world will be sponsored by audacious ad companies.


10 thoughts on “Super Groom !

  1. Hehe. Oh but there are buffoons just like Rakhi Sawant who wanna marry her. Probably for the fame that only humiliation on National TV can bring.

    @Vani: New post coming soon =)

  2. Only goes to show that both the Indian television and the Indian public are really losing it!!!
    Next thing might be installing cameras in Rakhi Sawants house for 24 hr non stop nonsense!!!

  3. Posts about airtel as of April 17, 2009 | Shirasmane

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