Recently I have been smuggling huge quantity of goods, goodies & other god-only-know items from the macho shopping malls of T Nagar despite the sweltering Sun . This dark activity penetrated through the purse and purged all my bank accounts.  This is not the only reason for my perturbation. I am leaving to US tonight. Those who have read one of my earlier posts would know how I staged a comical show of myself in the last trip. “US” is not a place for a homely bird like me, even the trip is for a month and the plane tickets are sponsored.


If you not interested, why are you leaving? Are you creating a scene in your own blog?


You can question me like this


Unlike questions like what is life? & who is God? This is not tough to answer. In fact I can answer it in one word “Money” – The universal truth behind every onsite trip. Let’s not get in to philosophy and other perplexing areas now.  This post is only to vent out all my uneasiness and make myself fit for another funny & scary episode in the coming days.


Rants in bullet-in points


  • The prospect of visiting my onsite colleagues haunts me, because in the “layoff” layman dictionary – Indians are defined as job stealers. Those who have helped us a lot in the last trip are not there any more. Now can you sense my guilty feeling …
  • For some unknown reason for the past couple of days terrorists, hijackers and other psychos are frequently visiting my dream. For time being I stopped watching news channels and reading newspapers.
  • I should practice to wide-open my mouth to swallow that mountain size burger for daily meals.
  • Should brush up my photographic & photo posing skills to prove my visit.


I will stop here. This post is getting more melodramatic.





9 thoughts on “Perturbations

  1. Hi Vani,

    Everybody’s life has its own destiny. It is like a traveller renting a hotel room for a day. After that day, the traveller continues in his/her destiny, the hotel room has its own destiny. What matters is when the passenger stayed in that hotel, how well the passenger took care of the room. Similarly, you have your own destiny and your US colleagues have their own destiny. You will not and cannot affect each one’s, although, it may appear like that temporarily.

    All said and done, inspite of its various limitations and excesses, US has a good society. Every day, make it a point to think about what makes it work for a few minutes. You will find a lot to appreciate. Of course, there are excesses which is not great but what you will see will depend on what you focus on.

    Some of the characteristics I like about the US are its openness, friendliness (any colleague even if they do not know you will say “Good Morning!” across the stairs), professionalism, desire to win, hard working, methodical, confidence, staying true to yourself (they are lot more direct), ability to adapt and last but certainly not the least, their thirst for independence in everything.

    Have a nice time in US. Focus on good things. Visit the local museums, art centres, Zoos etc. Plenty to appreciate about.

    Earning and saving money is a prudent thing to do and one doesn’t feel ashamed to say so. In fact, it is a basic necessity.

    Last but not the least, please continue to blog often. You write well.

    – Discoverer

  2. Posts about layoff as of April 16, 2009 | Shirasmane

  3. Hi Vani,

    I just come here from your comment on I think you can maintain your blog by add some more widgets and quality post. Then your blog’s crawling ratio will be fast in search engine, and more visitors come to your blog. Best luck for bright future.
    ==>> Himanshu

  4. hey all the best yaar!!!!!may the trip fill u with pleasant pleasant memories!!!happy journey!!!
    sry…was held up with my univ practs….couldn’t come online!saw this post jus now!!!

  5. Becks, Siva, Vinod, Siddhu,

    Thanks a ton !

    Discoverer, Thank you very much for the soothing comment.


    Thank you ! WordPress has restrictions over widgets.

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