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I have been tagged to reveal some of my top secrets. I wonder who will want to read my secrets, of course except VJkrishna-the kind one who tagged me. But I am tagged and all, for the first time. So I can’t ignore it. So here are 7 facts about me…


1)      I like to collect every book I want to read and I want to read all the books.  For some unknown reason no one has ever gifted me any books.  This seriously bothers me. I told my mom, if at all I get married, Shall I print the marriage invitation with the caption – “Gifts are expected to be in the form of landmark Gift cards which will be used by bride to buy books”. Apparently my mom hit my head.


2)      When I was a kid, I watched a movie – predator, which didn’t let me sleep for a week and I didn’t let others to sleep. Everyone said I will be okay if I grow up, but it didn’t happen. Even bulging eyes of Jyothika in Chandramukhi will make me to catch insomnia. Thus I heartily hate horror movies/books.


3)      I am a table tennis player for seven consecutive years at my school and I never won a single tournament.


4)      I hate crying. Conserve water, especially when it is from eyes, is my principle.


5)      My sensible speeches are often misinterpreted as PJ’s (poor jokes) by everyone around me.  


6)      In my 4 years of jail (disguised under the name of college) life, I have spoken only to less than 5 boys.  Now I regret it, not for the boys but for joining that Jail. Unfortunately now my brother is put up with the same Jail.


7)     I am a secret keeper, which means I have only unleashed the obvious secrets and all the inner secrets are kept secret.


Now as per this blog-tag rule, I tag 7 of my blog friends to post their top 7 secrets. They are Siddhu , Avada kedvara, Nutty martian , Taher , Aparajita , Vinode , Becks. I hope they all will find time to do this tag business.  


I also want to tag Discoverer but I don’t have his link.   




6 thoughts on “Blog – Tag

    • @Priyan,
      Tagging means requesting someone for no particular reason,to do a set of actions or questions ,which is found to be interesting. Quite popular in the blogging world.

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