Gossiping is an art, not just an idle talk. It requires ability, talent, cleverness, competence, expertise and other synonyms in the line, to know the half truth of others personal/private affairs to talk about them without their presence and to make their merry life miserable.  It can be defined as transmission of information from party A to party B with intended & invented transmission errors and thus party B (receiver) will always be left with misinformation. I gossip. At least my participation will be on the receiver end, when I have nothing to transmit.


Whenever, this “Gossip” word pop out in any conversation, gals are eyed with mocking concern.  This I will call an “Epitome of partiality”.  Gals Gossip, but Guys?


I was put up in girl’s school. My college had this weird strict rule 1) gal-gal can talk 2) boy-boy can talk 3) if gal-boy talks, then termination. So my interaction with guys, till college, is restricted to mini phrases like “Can you lend me your record book or do you want my book? “. Things changed when I got a job. Most of my colleagues are male and thus my gossip circle enlarged to accommodate both the genders amiably.


I must say I am amazed by the knowledge guys processed by practicing the grand art gossip. When comes to workplace, even Google search lacks intelligence to fetch more data than what guys do. Name a girl and you will get heaps of info enough to write a short biography of her. They don’t stop here.  They have remarkable secret ways to reach the dark sides behind the closed door of our manager’s room to plunder his privacy. Thus the whole office will know what each others are plotting in the intermittent coffee breaks.  Their wisdom doesn’t stop with girls and bosses, but gracefully extend to embrace external affairs too, which includes films, politics, games, gadgets and much more…


The lack of knowledge or lack of interest, of women, in certain areas might be the reason for this impression of mine on guys. Because if it is a gals only chat, these getting-old-ladies tends to talk only about family, marriage, parenting, health, cosmetics and the others gossips gossiped by guys. Probably age has dragged and damaged us. Our primary source of information is guys. We came to know who gets onsite, who gets hike, who gets fired only via guys. Gals somehow seems to lack the interest to do direct investigation of these matters and solely survives on guys’ research.


All well said and done. But still guys won’t agree they gossip.




9 thoughts on “Tittle-Tattle

  1. Gossip – one of the simple pleasures of life. People have an intrinsic urge to explain things that are happening around them, even if all the information is not there.

    But I am not much into it. Never been attracted to it from the beginning.


  2. ‘transmission of information from party A to party B with intended & invented transmission errors and thus party B (receiver) will always be left with misinformation’-this was simply superb-sounds like some encyclopedia stuff-so perfect!!

    Ya-guys do gossip,as much as gals and @times even more thn gals-but u’ll have to accept,gals have set the benchmark in this field.Wenever a guy gossips, u say-‘see,he gossips like a gal’!!!

  3. Hmmm……its quite a big misconception that only girls gossip. As a guy I know that its really far from the truth. I dunno whether to be proud of the matter, but people in my hostel actually call me local news. Almost to the extent that of late people don’t tell me anything!!…But I find out somehow…..hehehe…every good gossip has his source. And I have mine.
    Sometimes I wonder if instead of being a Doctor whether I ought to have been a journalist!!!

  4. @Mrred, Thank you !

    @Discoverer, It is really tough to resist gossip. Great you …

    @oorja, yeah ..true !

    @Sathish, Thank you..

    @Siddharth, Thank you ..see, soon you guys are going to break that bench to set a new mark 🙂

    @Miss_nobody, ha…looks like you have experienced it more than me !

    @Vyas, You are a gentleman ..you agreed what you do 🙂

    @Avada kedavra, yeah seems like they know more about girls than what we know about them..

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