Felt nostalgic when earth quaked

I am temporarily out of home. This burdens me. While my working part of mind is busy fixing bug and researching the problems reported by the blighters in the other parts of the world, my rest of the mind, quite unusually, is busy calculating what I should cook for the day, when to wash my clothes, which time should I set out for shopping, what vegetables to buy…etc.  All these abnormal activities of mine have practically nullified my browsing time and exiled me from blogging world. 

It is almost two weeks since I left Chennai and migrated to Los Angeles. We (me and my colleagues) have landed here safely, except for a rice packet of my friend, which was promptly confiscated by US security officials after they glared at the packet for a wee bit of time to make up their mind that the packet has small worm hidden in it, which they felt, could possibly be a major threat for US and its economy. Thankfully their interest was not captured by our colorful pickle, thooku bottles and other spicy powders which are concealed comfortably in the secret places of our baggage. This incident dampened my spirit, because when my innocent homemade products are eyed with the suspicion of homicide, my sensible heart wept inside. But then I put all the blame on that evil worm and cheered up myself.

 The place we are staying is quite peaceful except for the swine flu and couple of earth quakes last week.  Last Thursday when I was busy starting the landscape, from the sixth floor, our whole building suddenly shook silently. While my overworked brain was still trying to catch the sudden tremor, my colleague consoled me and confirmed it was earth quake. Unwilling to think about concrete walls crushing our skulls, we thought of running outside to save our dear life. Only when we peeped outside our room, we came to know all our onsite mates are still busy with their work as if they are tremor-proof.  They are used to tremors.

 With disappointment I returned back to my seat wondering, how the situation would have been if it had happened in Chennai.  Once at our Chennai office, there was an earth quake rumor. Suddenly warning siren pierced our ears and everyone started to run, grabbing their laptops, meal box and other personal stuffs.  I cannot say we were scared. It is not a right word. We were more agitated. With in the next few minutes, we were all standing outside, staring at the stern building and waiting for it to wobble. Nothing happened. But we waited. Time passed. Some sat down on the floor to watch it patiently, some went home, and some called their home, friends, relatives and the other known person in Chennai to convey this adventure and to ask if they are alright. Soon all the SMS, forwards were all about this. We waited, discussed, joked for the rest of the day until we exhaust all our energy. I miss Chennai!


6 thoughts on “Felt nostalgic when earth quaked

  1. Hi….
    I am a big fan of your writing….
    romba nazhala silent visitora irrunden…..
    supera irruku….
    Neenga dan en inspiration for starting a blog….
    super work…keep t going….
    Lokking fwd for ur next post…..

  2. Hey similar thing happened to me and I felt the same way.. but the earthquake happened when i was at home.. I thought maybe my head is spinning 😛 but later news confirmed it was an earthquake (even though the atmosphere was as if nothing happened) I mean, back in India it wud have been a big issue :))

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