Personality – Saintly Sir

At fresher’s day…When I first saw him, beside the notice board at my college entrance, he gave me the impression of a saint wrapped in formal suites.  He politely asked me – “can I help you miss ?” .Before I manage to mumble “yes” or “no”, he glanced at my ID card I was holding and said sweetly – “Please go to second floor,  next to ED (engineering drawing) hall, to find your classroom (1st year “F” section). When I lifted my head shyly to covey my tons of thanks, he was gone, disappeared, vanished.  Deeply impressed by the shimmering stout heart of this young slim man, I told myself that I will thank this chappie one day and went off to my class.

 After a couple of days, sitting at the first bench of  “F” section with 8 gals and 62 guys occupying other benches, I wondered is this hell hailed as collage. Suddenly the same saintly gentlemen, whom I missed to thank, stepped in to our class with a wide beam when we all stood up and greeted “Good Afternoon Sir”.  His eyes shifted to first bench and registered my presence. My face cells regained all the lost soul and made me brightened like a dew filled morning flower. Then I heard him saying – I am your ED professor. Sometimes, for some absolute unknown reason you will want to impress someone. Hence, with the high hyper air of enthusiasm, I took out my notepad and was ready to learn anything articulated by him.  But things didn’t happen in the way I wanted it to be.

 “Drawing” is not the area I am comfortable at, even it is prefixed with high tech word like “Engineering”. I was in the “we-want-biology and zoology-without-bally-diagrams” girl’s gang and “Drawing-detesters” student’s group, when I was in school.  Drawing – The tough art which made me skip biology and pushed me to the computer world. This childhood aversion on the subject cannot be eased out even this art is taken by the chap whom I started to admire for no reason. Thus on the very first class, when he spoke about the basics of engineering drawing and started to explain  various weird components in the drawing tool kit , my mind invariably got lost against the battle with midday-meals-aided-sleep.  My eyes are not sleep-susceptible like my mind, hence for the whole session, it focused sharply on my professor’s perpetual eyes without a wink. After 45 minutes of endless talk, he ended the class with the note that we need to prepare a chart for the first exercise in the ED book.  The exercise was simple, just to test our basic drawing skills. It requested the students to depict Alphabets, numbers, few straight lines and square boxes in a brand new chart with specified dimensions.

 Next week, same time, I was eagerly waiting in the engineering drawing room with my first ED chart, with all colors in my face, not knowing the impending doom, when our sincere sir entered the ED hall like a mass hero. He requested all the gentle fellows who didn’t care to complete the exercise to take their prestigious stand outside the class, in the spot where they can be conveniently viewed by everyone inside the class.  I was too blinded by his once exhibited virtuousness, that I consistently failed to notice the audacity and malice glimmered in his attitude. With all the innocence in the world, I submitted my chart and expected him to pat my back neck. Ok ..not literally ! But yes a word of appreciation from him..

 When I was busy with my notepad, in interpreting and finding meaning for the words he spoke at the class, my name was called. I went to his place, with virtual butterflies disturbing my tummies. He asked me – what is this? , pointing to the chart.  Obviously he is not expecting me to answer – “This is chart sir “, as to everyone knowledge he wouldn’t have become an ED professor if he couldn’t have figure out what a chart looks like. I gave one of those ah!-I-am-now-confused kind of look which might have irritated him to core. He asked me again the same question, for which I retained the same look.  He was kind enough to change the question – “I saw you listening to my class, sitting at the first bench. Do tell me the ratio of arrowheads in the dimension line? Only then I realized arrowheads too have the concept of sizes, but too late to realize and fix my chart. I was ashamed to lift my head, that I only heard a tearing sound. Yes , he did tear my chart and threw it with such a  velocity ,that my chart shreds  landed smoothly like a NASA satellite in the orbit , next to those outstanding guys of our class, standing outside for not submitting that damned chart. After a couple of minutes I was also made to stand outside along with that bunch of guys.

 This incident strained our relationship. Afterwards, how hard I work and submit my chart of complicated structures with bizarre views; he would simply eye me with the look of “you-know-nothing”, which dampened my spirits and longed for engineering drawing to get over from my life. When I finished my first year I was so happy that I don’t have to sit and listen to his class anymore.

 Nevertheless I still admire him.

 PS – I didn’t thank him for helping me in the fresher’s day till I left the college.


10 thoughts on “Personality – Saintly Sir

  1. Daily News About Humor : A few links about Humor - Tuesday, 19 May 2009 22:31

  2. good one… yeah something similar had happened to me when my friend spoke to me and the professor thought we were discussing answers and gave a zero to both of us.. I remember that incident still 🙂

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