This is called FAITH

It was a long journey, all the way from Los Angeles to Delhi Airport with eight hours halt at New York, enough to cause mild fever, sore throat , head ache, fatigue and other indications which are exactly considered to be the symptoms of, its human origin unknown most celebrity  virus – Swine influenza virus (SIV).

 I was asked to fill a form before landing India, to check whether I have the qualities of becoming a immediate celebrity by housing that cunning virus. To prove that man-killing, malicious sub-microscopic infectious agents, believed to be transpired from pig, had not yet gotten friendly with my body cells and there is no need to waste any precious medical attention on me, I filled the form by placing my answer as “Yes” for the question- Are you coming from Swine flu infected country and “No” for the question– Do you have any of the symptoms – Sore throat, head ache, fatigue, Nasal congestion?

 When I stood on the queue to hand over this form at the Delhi airport, something inside me called conscience itched. What will happen if they caught me?  After a sudden glimpse of that mask wearing person at the counter, the same conscience told me “If that swine-flu form collecting guy can believe that the surgical mask he was wearing can make him swine-flu-virus-proof, then it would be no problem for him to believe your form and permit you in to the country. After all life is all about faith you place on others.

 How true my conscience was. The mask man didn’t ask me a question. Even if he did ask, I might not have known. Who knows what his mouth doing inside the mask?  All I saw was a wink of his eyes, which I assumed to be “clear the place madam”. Thus I entered India.


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