She is my friend, colleague, and well-wisher. “I am going to get married” was the last statement she uttered before leaving me. We didn’t meet for a long time. Her love, marriage, pregnancy and that followed baby prevented her from working. One fine day after a long break, she visited our office.

When I went to her place to greet her, she was busy with a mini device – mobile phone. The pressure, with which she pressed that device, can be recommended to Nokia, Samsung and other mobile manufactures, as a finest durability test for that product. Her hands clutched that gadget with such force, while her mouth unleashed words at the rate maximum for a mouth could mutter. An unintentional, indifferent snoop in to her loud conversation made evident that she was shouting at her husband. Husband & wife thing, I thought and returned back to my seat.

After an hour I went to her place again. No escape for the poor device, still it was at the iron clutch of my friend’s firm hand. Now the receiving end was not her husband. Somehow her husband had fled and in his place now was her mother-in-law. My friend seemed to be dictating something over phone, which by the words she used, I surmise, something to do with her few months old,toe sucking baby at home. Motherly thing, I thought and returned back to my seat.

For the every following hour I went to her place, she was engaged in a stern conversation with someone who apparently happened to be a member of her family. After a frequent number of visits, still unable to catch her attention, I lost all the love to talk with her and rested in my place to concentrate my mind on anything but not on that poor mobile phone and its owner’s family. The last time I went to her place, her better half seemed to have taken control of the situation as she looked more pacified and relaxed. Her speech rate was also abased to normal, unlike the flaring fire dragon. Married women she is, so does all these family problems I thought.

After an hour, when I was busy doing my things she came to my place with an expression which cannot be comprehended by a dull human head like mine. A close look at her face told me she has not come to greet me now. She broke her heart rendering news abruptly without wishing to waste time – “My mobile phone gone”. Must be a big shock for her, I must say. The dear device which had been such a close company for the whole day and suddenly the news of it vanished was a shock even for me. Then think about her. When I was struggling to emerge from that depth of shock, she continued, battery over and now I couldn’t remember where I kept it.

Oh! Was the only word escaped my mouth. Before I say next syllable she said – Give me your phone da, I never seen you using it. The next second my slim mobile was at her hands and I heard her cajoling with her sweet child. This I thought has no connection to any problem but perfect phobia – Nomophobia. Did you make any meaning out of this word? No?

Nomobile-phone-phobia” – now? Still no?

“Nomophobia” is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact, says wikipedia.

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3 thoughts on “Nomophobia

  1. Hahaha…a good deal of us are really attached to our mobiles. I was devastated when my mobile was stolen last year!!!… Being a gadget freak, I am totally attached to my three best friends. My laptop, my mobile and my mp3 player. 🙂

  2. glad i am not a nomophobic.. 🙂

    but i have seen some like your friend but fortunately not shouting at the family but trying hard to keep up a long distance relationship. 😉

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