Dear Rumor spreader…

Today after a very long time, I happened to check my yahoo email account, created during my college days for the sole purpose of sending forwards to friends. The Inbox showed 1543 message unread but I read only one message, enough to put a heavy hefty stone on my tiny head. It was a mail from my college friend and it said

h ru ?..howz tareeni…?..looks like ur a busy mom too..then howz ur health..? Nice to hear this good news…send her photos…its been really a very long time.. …. …. take care of urself and the baby..convey my resgards to everybody

I don’t know who tareeni is; neither do I know I am a busy mom. So I wanted to reply

I am fine. I don’t know who tareeni is, so I cannot be her mom. My health is well and good. I am glad you are receiving good news, though it is bad for me. I don’t have her photos, for the simple reason “I don’t know her”. Yes it’s been a long time since we met. Thanks a ton. I will take care of me, but unfortunately not the baby because of the same reason – I don’t know her. Will surely convey your regards to everyone except the baby. Take care…

PS – I am not yet married.

But email etiquette reminded me, I cannot exhibit sarcasm on whatever manner I wish, especially to friends. It must have been a sweet mail, only if at all I am mother of tareeni. So in reply for that mail I cannot send throns in the place of roses. Thus I replied politely telling her – “I am not yet married”

Dear Rumor spreader,

 Whoever you are, please avoid spreading such rumors in order to spare me from hitting you with the very same hefty stone that fallen virtually on my head a while before.


5 thoughts on “Dear Rumor spreader…

  1. Omg vani ji… I swear I won’t spread any more rumors about u,honest. that will be the last one I promise! Pls Don’t hit me!

    but I feel u should have sent that sarcastic reply. She deserved it 😉

    btw howz tareeni?

    • Nutty-Martian,

      He he, so you are the culprit. Time to give some work to that stone ..

      Tareeni ? …….if at all ……if at all…. If at all I know her, I will surely tell you how she is ..

      Unknown or unborn baby Tareeni, Many are interested on you. We hope you are doing well..

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