While naming blogs…

I have been doing this task wilfing for sometime in the blogosphere of World Wide Web, and came to a better understanding of human head and its complementary attachment brain. Human head is a real wonder I say. However strong it is, the little thing called brain inside it knows well what a real pretender the person is, whose action it audits. But even brilliant brain, doesn’t comes without drawback-which is partiality.

When I say partiality, I allude the very same vicious act “BIAS”. This biased action of brain is unmistakably obvious in the blog titles.

To simply put, Does our brain remain calm when someone describe our distinctiveness with the words – Crazy, crap, idle, brainless, weird, junk, quirky, confused, amnesia, insanity, maniac?. Strong may be our head and brain, but it cannot take offence from an outsider. This is brain psychology. But secretly when your heart asks brain, when it is engaged in the process of naming your blog, what kind of person you are, the brain will shamelessly use some of the same words (Crazy, crap, idle, brainless, weird, junk, quirky, confused, amnesia, insanity, maniac ) to refer you. Then heart will nod its head in agreement and help happily to name the blog as crazy gal or confused mind or losing my sanity, selective amnesia etc.

Having said all these, if you ask me why this blog is not named using those above mentioned traditional words. All I can reply is, with my head down; those precious words were already taken, leaving me only with poor choices. When I was in the verge of frustration to find out a blog name, without which wordpress had not allowed me to see next page in the blog creation process, the word called “QUEST” gave graciously its helping hand. QUEST is nothing but one of my desktop folder name where I used to store all my job search details. Since I find it serves the purpose of blog title I used it to name this blog.


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