On the way to Pothys

The train stopped at Mabalam Railway station. After me, shoving two ladies inside, and two ladies thrusting me outside, I jumped over the platform hearing a voice which betrayed it was not at all satisfied by the way I chose to land. The voice said – Enna ponnu ithu ippadi poguthu?. I didn’t stand back and reply. Soon some mountain sized females from the compartment landed on me not with any purposeful intention of killing me but just for the sake of getting down from the train. I moved to walk on…No I was moved.

I was moved near to stairway to get out from the station. The magical force behind me slowly pushed me up. I didn’t do anything except watching the progress I made on the stairs and feeling substantial number of feet under my high heels. I didn’t apologize. I also felt significant number of stained shoes and rude high heels over my foot and the sharp pain that followed. I didn’t yell. I stared at the people who started at me with an accusing eye – You are the one with high heels no? I didn’t reply “yes”. I went on.

I reached Ranganathan Street- Yes the very same street which is overly popular for the over population it attracts every day. I started to stroll staring everything and took few steps then I couldn’t move. It didn’t take few seconds to fathom the source of hindrance – a clumsy Saravana stores plastic cover which wrapped my feet with great affectionate. Before I could release that cunning cover with such tenderness I was warmly greeted by a woman – thallu ma! (Move I say!) I moved on only to bump on a middle-aged man, who from his piercing eyes seemed to have taken some special interest on the shirt displayed outside a showroom. I didn’t disturb his dilemma to buy that shirt, only to say “make way for others sir”. Instead I took the other gap which was sufficient for me to enter. Soon I was boorishly blocked by a boy who wants me to go with him to stitch salwar, even though I don’t have the cloth to stitch one. I excused politely and went ahead. All these time, though my mind was indifferent to all the interesting incidents that happened on the way, my eyes were busy with its work – Gazing.

After 40 minutes of tireless eternal pushing from Mambalam Railway station, crossing several Saravana stores and other stores which are not named Saravana, at last I reached Alayam of silk- The Pothys. The Pothys people, who seem to have known the hardship that had to be endured in accessing their stores, placed some over-make-up bearing girls dressed like medieval period queens on the entrance to entertain the crowd. On seeing them, for the first time since jumped out from the train, I laughed.

Advice to readers – “Leave pride, take patience when you go to Pothys via Ranganathan Street”,for you shall preserve the dignity then, otherwise you will end up busy with street fighting on the way which may be entertaining for you or others depending on the circumstances.

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4 thoughts on “On the way to Pothys

  1. Nice post. Instead of walking thru ranganathan street, we can walk from our home to pothys or tnagar. Some simply cant enjoy the walk thru RS. Nowadays, pride and patience doesnt matter, wat matters is time.

  2. Nice one. Brought back frozen memories. Every time we visit Chennai, we visit T.Nagar many times and sometimes Ranganathan Street. We used to joke about the crowd pushing and trying to overtake others.

  3. Hilarious, Vani.. I was LOL from the very first para.. Obv, personal experience contributes to the enjoyment! 🙂

    I liked this – ‘Enna ponnu ithu ippadi poguthu?’… ‘mountain sized females’… ‘crossing several Saravana stores and other stores which are not named Saravana’..

    Good one!

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