Being a software engineer – Part 1

Being a software engineer is sometimes not as cozy as it seems to others, especially when I am considered being a fathead with fat amount of money in the Wallet. I may be praised by my clients as “What a brilliant worker you are “. My manager might have admired me as “we need more wonderful resource like you “.But the auto driver at my office auto stand or waiter at my office pantry or our cab driver doesn’t think so. What they think about me or about any software engineer is – “Ah, Here is the intellectual moron, let’s bamboozle”.

That day I had to attend my friend’s reception at evening. I, accompanied with my other friend went to the nearby auto stand obviously to catch an auto. The auto driver was a well-built man, who reminded me of popular Tamil heroes who played driver role in their film with yellow scarf around their neck, dancing in front of auto stand while signing the high moral principles of auto-driver.

He asked us where we want to go. We told him the place for which he brusquely replied 100Rs. If he cared to saw our face at that moment, he would have glimpsed the high voltage shock that registered on our face. We said it is too high and asked him politely to reduce the price. His face staged many expressions like a bubbly cinema heroine except that his expressions are not bubbly but ghastly. Those were the expressions of a dog waiting to grab a hefty bone, but only to find a plate with a single banana skin. We said we can pay 70 Rs and not more, for which that guy simply started at us and returned to his seat. Yes sometimes to humiliate, one doesn’t have to speak. A simple stare would do the purpose. His stare told us – You are not fit to work on that company if you can’t afford 100 Rs.

We asked other auto drivers in the stand if any one else willing to take us for 70Rs. Being specimens of friendship, the other auto drivers didn’t want to disappoint their friend- the one who humiliated us. Hence they said – “The rate is fixed”. But no one knows who fixed the rate! After walking half a kilometer, at last we caught an auto, who halfheartedly agreed to take us for 80Rs. By that time we were already late for the function. When we got down from the auto, the driver told us that we have cheated him as if he is an innocent IT company employee and we are reckless bosses who sacked him. I started to shout. My friend reminded me that we were standing in a name unknown place and it is better to keep our heroineism down if we wanted to reach our home safetly. So we shouted feebly and left the place almost frustrated.

Dear Auto drivers at my office auto stand and other auto drivers all over the city,
Please be advised that we don’t have special privilege to any money lending tree in our office. We too do work to earn our bread.


16 thoughts on “Being a software engineer – Part 1

  1. //What a brilliant worker you are//
    kedacha gapla u bragged.. lol…

    //intellectual moron// oxyMORON

    //who fixed the rate// if one starts givin a rate to a place, it becomes fixed.. u knw? hyderabad auto drivers always go by the meter’s rate. i was amused by that wen i was ther…

    //We too do work to earn our bread. // ofcourse.. but u cant deny tat IT ppl r paid more than any…

  2. @KK

    He he …

    Well.. My manager and client will praise everyone with the words “Brilliant “to get their work done….I don’t have to be brilliant in real sense to deserve it! It is like affectionately patting a cow’s back before loading it with tons of brick. Management trick you see!

    I think that Hyderabad auto drivers must be the source of inspiration for Tamil heroes then…

    Yep! IT people are well paid that’s why we are expected to pay well! …it is like anniyan dialogue .. Oru auto driver 50 rupees extra ketta thappa, 5 auto driver anju thadava 50 rupees extra ketta thappa, 50 auto driver 5 thadava 50 rupees keeta thappa” you see the difference 🙂

  3. @vani..
    //I don’t have to be brilliant in real sense//
    ur thannadakkam thaangala…

    //like anniyan dialogue// u can perceive it this way, “oru IT employee 50rs xtra kudutha thappa and so on……………

  4. I have faced this situation in Chennai. The autodrivers are donkeys who forget that there is a meter which they have to use. I don’t remember how many times I have shouted on these morons and told them that they are thieves.

  5. வாணி நீங்களும் மென்பொருள் துறை தானா, நானும் கூட தான், அழகான படைப்பு உங்களுக்கு நளினமான அங்கில நடை. கண்முன் பட்டதை பிரதிபலிக்கும் திறன் சிலருக்கு தான் வாய்க்கும் , அதில் தாங்களும் ஒருத்தர்.
    அழியாத அன்புடன்

  6. i don’t think any one hates auto valla’s more than me … I live in hyderabad and i know how big a money sucker autovallas are here.

    I agree with KK that autovalla go by meter here … but only if their meter is working … and if by Almighty’s grace it’s working then they’ll ask you to pay 20-40 Rs more than what meter will show.

    and to add to that when you reach your destination, they’ll demand more … WTH … seriously …

    that was the one big reason i bought a bike as soon as i joined my job… now i have all my sadistic pleasure riding past them and giving the finger … (no no … i don’t do it actually … but would love to)

  7. Auto drivers can be the best of friends if u deal with them properly!!!The use of a single word-‘Anna’ can bring about drastic changes in his attitude towards you!!!but when it comes to rate,they dont spare even their siblings!!!

  8. Autowallahs in chennai are the worst in india.

    Bangalore and Pune are good.They go by meter.Even here some people try to charge you more,but that will be only in the late night.

    Recently autowallahs staged a strike here in pune,you know wat was the reason?

    Government reduced the metre charge from Rs.8 to Rs.7 due to petrol prices fall.I wonder such a system is there in tamilnadu.

  9. I got same kind of experience like you.. Have you ever visited Kerala and went on auto? You can feel the difference . Auto driver mindset has to change..

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