Coding, testing and comatose

For the past few weeks, my life is lifeless. Ok here is what I am doing from morning till night

1)Waking up in the morning with a sharp headache.
2)Fixing the code.
3)Testing the code.
4)If eyes exhausted, I am blinking twice and continue working till my brains enters the eccentric state “comatose”.
5)Sleeping 2 or 3 hours with nightmarish dreams where my PM and other honchos warning me, in a conference call, for not meeting deadlines.

This routine I have to follow till our code works and we deliver the project to clients. Something tells me that the code is not going to work in the near soon and I am going to live with this terrible routine infinitely till some abnormality happens and throws me out of this loop involuntarily.

Being a technical lead for this project I should have been more positively charged and speak highly of my project. In fact till last Friday evening, I was more happy and confident like a cricket captain entering the field in the bright sunny morning. But it was before the hell broke loose. On Friday evening we found that the programs which we coded so ardently and affectionately for this project is not working as we wished it to work. It was feeling of a caption, losing three wickets in the first three successive balls on the final match in the series.

Of course if the code doesn’t work it is not the fault of the code but ours. So we fixed it and tested at Friday night. But it didn’t work. We fixed it on Saturday early morning , again on Saturday afternoon, again on Sunday morning, again on Sunday night. I cracked my entire skull to squeeze ideas from it to make the program work. The code was adamant. It didn’t work for some cases. It laughed at us.

It was Sunday night…no Monday morning 2.15 AM, I figured out that we had used all the choice and there are none I could do now to deliver the code on the same day. We need more time to fix all the problems. I cannot say I was frustrated. It was more than that. I think I felt like fainting because of sheer pressure. I sent out an email to our leads requesting them to extend the deadline. After that I didn’t worry. There was a sudden peacefulness and calmness. I went to my bed quietly.

Now we are still fixing the problems. This is the reason for my sudden detachment from my blog and other online communities. Above all I miss reading books. I only hope that my project wont ruin this weekend plan to watch Harry potter 6.


7 thoughts on “Coding, testing and comatose

  1. Hi Vani,

    Sad to hear that. Been there a few times and it can be very tough. Sometimes, it can be a question of fighting out the timeframe with not much idea of how it will end or putting in fresh pairs of eyes to look into it.

    I used to silently visualize the four words – “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”, multiple times, in giant letters, red colour in electronic dashboard slowly moving from my right to the left, with hundreds of small individual red bulbs making up each alphabet.

    Even if the above will not help you to solve the problem, it will at least tell you that others have gone through similar situations and survived.

    You will manage this as well. It is only a question to time.
    Take care.


  2. u r in uchakkattam it seems. i can understand ur status now frm ur own words, cause u said //confident like a cricket caption// not lik a ‘captain’….

    don worry, c yaaradi nee mohini once, u may get some idea from it. Dhanush solves the problem overnight…

    and me goin to HP monday night :), first 3 days full :(…..
    Happy Working & Stressing….. 😉

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