Smile please, Miss

I tell you sometimes mother sentiments can lead you to do most beastlier acts in the world than one can never imagine themselves capable of doing. One such act is “Posing for Photos at a studio” , which are meant to be posted at Matrimony sites. A couple of years back I took a photo at nearby konica Studio for my US visa. Every resemblance of mine was there on that picture except the hair. One can see only my huge face filling most of the frame with very thin hair at the top. Definitely not a picture which I can proudly display at airport terminal instead I can refer that whenever I want to be reminded of uglier things at the earth. I can never forgive that photographer.

So when my mother wanted me to be photographed like a “Aadi-Thallupadi-Silk-Saree” advertisement model in the very same Konica lab, I almost shrieked. But mothers have ways to persuade their daughters. After a week of endless sentimental talks, which would have made any lighthearted girl to weep, I most reluctantly agreed with the conditions 1) No Silk Saree 2)No Flowers 3) No eye catching jewels.

When I entered the studio, I only hoped at least that old man who had ruined my visa photo should have vanished from the face of the world. No proposes , God disposes. There came the same old man welcoming us to the studio with a warm smile. The sight of him suddenly provoked all my hitherto controlled anger. It was like knowingly tying a rope around my neck and jumping into a dark pond. He made some suggestive remarks on my appearance as if that would help me look like a south Indian cine actress. To add quality oil in burning blaze, my mom grumbled at me for not wearing jewels and flowers. Then the old guy told me that I should listen to my parents. All the while I simply stood there and stared at him.

But the man was not tired. He passed comments like turn left , turn right, see up, see down in no particular order for which I exactly did the opposite. This vexed him. At last with utter frustration, he went to camera and said again “ Smile please, miss”.

PS – I laughed bitterly after seeing that picture .My confidence on him didn’t fail me. He spoiled that photo too. I again say I will never forgive him.


17 thoughts on “Smile please, Miss

  1. On reading this i could remember the lesson i learned during my eight class. The way the author has portrait that lesson and my English sir has acted accordingly and it correctly coincides with your blog now 🙂

  2. Ah…mothers can be really nagging. The only comforting thought when you’re being forced to do something for your mother’s sake is that perhaps your mother faced a similar situation dealing with HER mother. 🙂
    But good to hear that you’re slowly getting ready for marriage. For another phase of life. But did it have to be arranged?

  3. for the past 6 years i’ve been using the same pic for applications n all othr stuff- the one taken wen i was in class IX for maclass10 exams-people say i had an innocent look den !!!!

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