When I joined our team I was so worried about Mr N .

Mr N is not a sort of a person, one wish to have as a team member. He is the most senior member responsible for our team’s technical delivery.

He has the attitude and assertiveness of Hitler, the one who has inbuilt instant desire to war with anyone for not so prominent reason – my seniors told me. They also told me , he is the person who would call on weekends and shout at you incase if you are a south Indian and missed to fill timesheets on Friday. When I was told I was placed on his team and all other trainees escaped that deathly trap I was naturally horrified.

I tried my best not to get scolded by him and sent my first email to wrong person, copying him. The next day he sent me an big email asking me the reason for my unethical actions on earlier day. He also asked my other senior mentors, not politely, for their plot in not governing my emails properly before I send them to other higher honchos. He impliedly mentioned “My email was wicked ”. In my point of view, the email doesn’t deserved to be mentioned as wicked or unethical as it clearly lacked those qualities. It was a simple mistake from my side – An email sent to wrong person. But that is Mr. N , a small mistake and he would get ready to wage a war at your doorsteps. Sometimes it is quite annoying but sometimes it is funny.

Mr N doesn’t like Mr J, like how he doesn’t like Mr P, Mr S , Mr I , Mrs D, Mrs N because they all are south Indians. Even if they all are non-south Indians, Mr N would still not like them. He is like that. Mr N doesn’t like “anyone” for the reason they are south Indians but that is not the actual reason. Since Mr N is a north Indian , it was initially believed in the team , that the reason for his revulsion could be because of the bitter fact, Chennai is located at south of India and the people who are working in Chennai are Chennaities , hence they are southerners and so he hates them. But we are prejudiced, Mr N hates North Indians too. After that we all Chennaities felt better.

There is a general opinion in our team , that as long as Mr N exists, there would be no future for our team because if one has the craving to climb up our team ladder, he/she has to work with Mr N. When you slowly ascend the stairs ,bearing all his tantrums, and finally when you stand at the top step to shout “Whooray” , Mr N would kick your feet with a fatherly smile and make you roll down. This is the game he has been playing in our team ever since I joined and before too, which has never been won by anyone against him.

For me , Mr N is so important for our team. If there is something we all unanimously agree about in our team it is Mr N’s atrocities . Only when we think about him we all feel more passionate towards the team. The same sort of feeling that would swell inside every Indian’s bosom when a terrorist bombs the airport or India wins a match against Pakistan. Cursing Mr N is like singing national anthem for all of us. Atleast Mr N help us to feel that way.

Last week Mr N called me “shameless” , for being repetitive on my mistakes even after being under his supervision for a long time. I wanted to slap him for calling me so, but I didn’t, instead I smiled one of those dark bitter smile I used to unleash at the time of tragedy. You see, even though I haven’t learnt yet not to repeat my mistakes I learnt to control my temper only after working with him.


8 thoughts on “MR N

  1. Hmm looks like you are working under some devil.. “shameless”? OMG, how can he call someone that? Dont worry such people wont be able to stay in your team for long.. if he keeps acting like that, someday he will get kicked properly.. I have met such arrogant people in the past.. yeah they help you develop patience and in controlling temper

  2. Nice blog. Every office has an AH like this. I have some suggestions you may want to consider.

    Find out what grabs his attention and what motivates him. Then you can communicate with him in that context. For example, if he is a numbers person, show him with data, spreadsheets, and charts that supports your idea.

    Take a keen interest in his pet projects.

    Try to ask, occasionally, information about his family. He may have a family picture on his desk. That can be your starting point. General questions like how was his vacation, how the kids are doing in school, how his pet dog is doing….along those lines.

    Give him a “Happy Birthday” card on his birthday as a surprise.

    I am sure the dictator will mellow a lot in your case. Vetri namadhay (vitory is ours).

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