In this universe, there are significant count of people who had the misfortune of seeking my recommendation. I am not being pompous here, in fact my real feelings are quite opposite, I may say dejected, despondent, downhearted.

If anyone is bright enough to consult me before banging my door for recommendation, my piece of advice would be, “ Don’t don’t don’t ever trust someone like me and get misguided, Disturb someone who is fit and capable. This is the trick of life and that’s what you need “.

Personally I am not against recommendation, but you see when someone asks somebody for something, that somebody should be potent of granting that something to someone, otherwise what is the point of asking somebody for something? Worthless, useless, hopeless…

The other day, when my long-long-distant cousin called me (whose existence I came to know only by that call ) and asked “If I can extend my helping hand to make him get a job” , I lifted my head upward and stared a bit. I could have simply exclaimed – Ah ! well, I wish I could help you, but there are strictly no openings at present. But I didn’t say so. My heart was heavy with this newly found brotherly feeling and I do have sentiments like “never-hurt-the-heart-which-esteems-you”. I asked him, after taking couple of breaths which I generally do before I launch to lie, to pass his profile to me , knowing with certainty that it is of no use . I assured him that he would soon be engaged to a job. He was happy, so I was, though my conscience irked inside.


6 thoughts on “Recommendation

  1. The whole Indian system is based on the aspect of recommendation. I suppose it isn’t surprising to find oneself on the recommending end. Thats the way the ball bounces I guess!!! 🙂

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