Cattle class & Fish market

If there is anything I gained out of this classic “cattle class” twitter remark , it is my school memories. Why it triggered my school memory ? I know not, but it triggered.

It was a girls school. I cannot suppose how boys would fight at school, but I am much familiar with girls fight. They are different. It all started with a small misunderstanding between two friends ( let say A & B). A said something silly which B disagreed by commenting “Podi loosu” (Go idiot !). The word war began with the swift help from the chums of both A and B. I cannot recollect, between A & B, who believed in the principal, that physical attack should always takes precedence over verbal attack if winning is needed in a circumstance. Incidentally, the first blow was issued . Calmness restored for a couple of seconds. Then a couple of gentle blows, a couple of harsh words, then followed the series of heavy blows, hopping, dragging, rolling etc..

It was when our Class teacher entered and shrieked “FISH MARKET ! FISH MARKET !, THIS IS NOT A CLASS . A FISH MARKET. “

Unlike now , we didn’t raise any flag against our mam for alluding our class to fish market and it didn’t affect our sentiments.


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