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It is often easy to write about something on which I have very vague idea. Instead, ask me a simple, direct question. I will stammer, stutter and sometimes only silence will gush out. Once, In a job interview, I was asked – What is today’s date ?. I tried thrice but failed and I was not selected. Such is my case. Simple things always gives me a big run. That’s why my mind was clogged initially when AVK asked me to do this tag. Some how the clog cleared today.

Now coming to the Tag, Did you ask Brand names ? Ah! I don’t go by brand names and all. I have absolutely no partialities here. Nevertheless, some of the stuffs I use seems to be popular and below they are.

Maggie Noodles: When I was young , innocent, and indulged greatly on home made idlis, dosai and pongal for my morning nourishment, I was introduced with this post modern fine food one day. It was artistic, appealing and eaten with the aid of fork in the place of nasty fingers, thus giving the in taker a rich look. My child mind longed for it. Then I became constant revenue source for this brand.

Cibaca – The tooth paste : Earlier it was cibaca. Now it is colgate-cibaca. Unlike the tasty close-up and peposodent, colgate-cibaca is a tasteless, harsh toothpaste. I have no clue whether any dentist suggested this to appa , or it is my appa’s intention to curb our intake of paste. But for some reason I am tasting this every morning ever since I born as a baby.

Nokia : 6600. A much big mobile for my size, which I realized after buying it. Sometimes I found it heavier than half-empty Tiffin box at my hand bag. Except the size I cannot blame it. Later, unable to bear its mass I bought Nokia 5310. It is slim and simple. I love Nokia and their shaking hands logo.

Google : When the world was dark and life was dull, Google bore torch for me. I googled, googled, gooled, and at last arrived at the heavy-salary-gobbling land of “IT”. Life became bright and I started this blog.

Virgin: Ask me not why I like it. I will not say it’s because of Richard branson.

Ok Enough . Let me tag others (with evil grin )

Vyas, KK, Siddharth, Adaleru, Mahesh, Praveen, Pradeep and Aparajitha

9 thoughts on “Brand tag

  1. the world without Google is tough to imagine now… have you tried Bing.. its also nice..

    I never liked nokia due to its poor sound and camera quality which are nothing to do in a cellphone… 😛 😛
    my preference is Sony ericcson only… but now-a-days nokia is coming up with good audio quality phones…

    Maggi… once a addict but not now..

  2. Good to see you back in blogosphere girl 🙂 Nicely done tag! Nokia 6600 is a nice phone.. I was a fan of that phone once.. Maggie is my favourite too.. especially when you are lazy to cook, the two min thing helps 🙂

  3. Kanagu, No haven’t tried Bing yet. Somehow the plain page of Google captivates me more than colorful bing. Also Bing’s search results are not better. It is not showing my blog when i search for my blog name 😉

    AVK, Thanks for tagging.

  4. Haha 🙂 Sounds Interesting,Cibaca (Transparent) toothbrush is my dream product during my school days. Finally Thanks for tagging me.(Esp.When am craving for a topic to post.)

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