Dipped Da Vinci Code

I consider myself taciturn when it comes to general matters. But talk to me about books, I can go on and on. I mean non-stop. In one of those rare moments when my mind was misted on appreciating the books I had read, I confessed with open heart that I have the book “The Da vinci code” at my home in the third shelf of my cupboard. It was a casual statement which somehow without my knowledge baited my colleague. Not knowing the intensity of my words and its effect on my companion’s mind, I added “I love Robert Langdon” – that symbologist dude.

The next question from the tempted mind was not “Who is Robert Langdon?” but “Can I have your book”?

What can I say ? My tongue was not curbed where it ought to be.

I agreed. Unwillingly.

Days passed. Weeks Passed. Months Passed.

The mouth which once asked me for my book was stiff now. We used to meet daily, talk about life and other things, but not a word about the book. This rather pained me.

Eventually after 9 months or so, I bravely asked her “Did she love Robert Langdon?” . She replied – “oh ! I haven’t read the book yet”.

This shocked me though I sort of suspected this answer. I wondered, if it takes her 9 months to start Da vinci code, how did she manage to clear all the semesters in BE, considering the fact engineering papers are as dry as parched lands when compared to sensational materials enclosed in Da vinci code. Anyway this had not dampened my spirit entirely. I nagged her further to bring back my book. Painful task it was but I managed it.

One fine day, she came to my desk, clutching something between her fingers as if she was confiscating some dead cockroach against her will. In the nearness, I noticed that disgusting object. Yes it was my book. The book looked brown as a berry. Quite revolting to eye it. I tried to suppress the anger which heaved from my bosom and asked “what happened” ? . She giggled twice and replied – “Nothing. Just got dipped in a can of nutritious chocolate health drink”. She placed the brownish book at my table, again giggled twice and went off leaving me in the eternal grief.

Now whenever I reread the book, Robert Langdon reminds me of this Axe effect chocolate dolt. Nauseating.

Note to self – Never never never lend books to those, who place “Can of health drinks” at office cubicle drawers with the intention of soaking the best selling novels they borrowed from others.


7 thoughts on “Dipped Da Vinci Code

  1. Sorry about what happened to your book. I do not loan my books to anyone who is in the habit of “reading books now and then”. Here is an idea (for future). If they don’t return your book in a reasonable time, go to their house and say: I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by to pick up my book.

  2. Jus loved these words….” if it takes her 9 months to start Da vinci code, how did she manage to clear all the semester in BE….”

    I’m so possessive on ma books-I never speak out to anyone abt my books-even textbooks!!!!!!!!

  3. I had similar experiences a lot of times. Its not just books, even movies. Some people find it very hard to read/watch and think that its a waste of time. They would instead watch sun music for several hours without getting bored. Strange….
    I still miss my favorite ‘2001- A space odyssey’ novel/movie DVD which I gave to some friend.

    Btw, thanks for that tagging. Will do it very soon.

  4. Yeah girl.. had such experiences in the past.. these days I never lend anyone any book of mine.. if somebody asks me, do you have the book? I usually say I read the soft copy.. then they keep quiet.. I cant have any of my books torn.. *shudders*

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