Man plans, God laughs

I read it in a book, if you want something you wish to happen in your life, all you have to do is sit and wish. The positive waves from your thinking will make whole universe conspire to carryout your wish and make you happy. This they mentioned as “Law of attraction”. Now, when I recall this law, I feel it is fundamentally flawed. My personal experience tells me , if I secretly wish something to happen, however silly the wish may be, the whole universe will make sure to conspire against me, making me wish that I shouldn’t have wished at first place. At the end, a whole lot of things which I don’t wish will crop up.

All I wished was, to be punctual at office by 9 am and be active in the project implementation at 9.30 am. Aspiring to hit office at 9am is a simple appeal and I hadn’t foreseen any practical threat to it. But I was cheated.

The dawn of 5th day of November was not like any other casual Chennai dawns. It was rather different. The grey sky welcomed the morning with heavy rain. Chennai was chill, quite unusually. The climate looked creepy but I consoled myself saying “It is alright. Pleasant climate”. I actively accomplished morning tasks and was soon ready to hop in to the company cab except that it didn’t come. Instead I got a call informing the cab delay. Again I sensed some sinister lurking around me , but I put a brave face and bore it. It happens, I told myself.

After 30 minutes delay, I stepped inside the cab still brooding and calculating the expected time to reach destination. I told my friend , who rather looked pleased on this delay, that I had to hit office doors before 9.30 am, otherwise a fiend in the form of my boss would nail me like a film poster in the street wall. Suddenly my cab driver jerked backwards and grinned.  A kind of grin, you don’t expect from anyone, especially on drivers.

If there exists mutual loathing between any two entities in the world, it is the heavy rain and Chennai roads. When our cab was set to crawl on the water, assuming under which could exist city roads, I started to pray seriously. It was only when we neared the basin bridge, I doubted the “Law of attraction”. I mean, it was the place where I grasped the eternal fact that whole universe was conspiring against me. Quite a lump portion of Chennai’s population were struck, or shall I say submerged, at that landmark. Word wars were wagged everywhere.  People were in the mood to fight and surely not in the aura to pave way for those who wish to attend project meetings at 930am. I first shuddered, then wondered why public were so keen on curbing my office going.  This hadn’t dampened my hope utterly, for I still prayed and insisted universe to instill my wish as stated in that spiritual book. Later it seemed, the universe got the wrong signal.

We managed to creep amidst the crowd, but we were not salvaged. At each traffic signal, there stood all means of transport with the mere intention of blocking me. I stopped sending positive hope to universe. There was no more hope. Reaching to office at 9.30am, then, was like beseeching India to hit 8 runs at last ball of last over at crucial cricket finals.  The drenched Kanden kadhali film poster reminded visions of me getting nailed by my project manager. I withdrew my attention to cab side mirror, where my driver flashed another grin, chewing a bubble gum. Then I understood the grin.

Man plans, God laughs.


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