Female Fundamental

It is again, time to take a minute , to refresh memory and reflect myself the statement – “After all world is not always fair “

It was only 2 days down since I am back from longish year end vacation, but I can already feel the depression taking a toll on me.  This time I cannot blame my fellow beings altogether.  If anything should be blamed for this whole episode, it should be my pink tongue.

Ten days back , before I was kicking off the celebration of long break,  I was asked – “How am I going to spend the Holidays”? A cheery question,  one bounds to get before a long vacation.

I could have replied like  –  I am planning to ‘Meet Mr. Obama’  or ‘climb Mt. Everest’  and chuckled subsequently. But I didn’t.  Instead, I made the grave mistake of speaking some gibberish. I guess, in one of those semi conscious merry state, which I usually employ before the commencement of happy holidays,  I seemed to have told my friends, colleagues, kin forth and other so and so , that I am going to “Master the art of culinary”.  A very dark statement of last year, I realize now, for which I will not pardon myself.

All those friends, colleagues, kin forth and other so and so, who appeared to have noted down my ‘year end’ remark carefully somewhere, are now questioning my gastronomic skills.  One fine fellow, few minutes back, troubled me with the ruthless question– ‘So Vani, What are the dishes, you dished out last week ?’ . This query was accompanied with the knowing wink which suggested – “Don’t tell, you haven’t learnt the cooking yet”. Can you guess what I replied ? As a matter of fact, I didn’t reply,  I just flashed a sweet smile, swallowing all the bitterness.

Before I proceed further on current events of my life, I must spell little more on my cooking competence. Otherwise you will not follow my train of thoughts.  Cooking is not my favorite field of study. However, I didn’t skip it altogether. In fact I have been trying to learn this female fundamental  for the past 1 , 2 , 3, 4 …..well, for quite a few years, with the strong faith that one day I will give a grand dinner, with my own hands, to all fellows who doubt my talent.  All I need is “Time”. Give me few more years I am sure I will master this.

I still remember the school days. How cooking is now, was drawing then for me.  One could see dark patch of shades and tiny holes yielded by the over usage of rubber at the left side of each page on the school physics, chemistry, biology and zoology record books of mine. I simply don’t know how to draw.  Nevertheless I didn’t not give it up altogether. After having been severely treated on my right hand knuckles , with rulers, by my 12th std tuition sir , I managed to draw at last. Though, I used only black ball point pens at the beginning, I later managed to draw with pencils, then lead pencils, then lead pencils with erasers and so on. See, eventually I did it.

To conclude, people have to trust me and shouldn’t trouble me with catering questions after each vacation. I might have casually commented that “I will master the culinary” , but that doesn’t mean, overnight I will turn out to be some chief cook in star hotel.  That’s impossible. You need to be patient and please, don’t depress me.


4 thoughts on “Female Fundamental

  1. another “ayyo paavam” post in the blogosphere… but instead of asking ppl not to ask u anything abt cooking, u can just cook something and force thm to eat it, they may never turn up again. (semma jokela??)

    and, cooking is not female fundamental. it was supposed to be nala baagam. not nalaayini baagam (again a cliched argument)
    . anyway, gud luck with ur cooking. my prayers to those who gonna t(e)aste it…

    p.s. try playing games lik cafeworld and sims 3.. they actually hav some kind of cooking lessons..

  2. As i am away from home, we friends planned to cook food at our room. Everyone showcased their talent and finally my turn came. I put them * before start cooking. i.e, nothing but ‘conditions apply’. Also i took promise from everyone that our friendship should’nt break because of this. And finally i cooked my favourite rasam. After eating that rasam……. Now whenever i take gas lighter in my hand, they take some stick n bat in their hand… Hope you understand, Vani 🙂

  3. @KK he he …That’s a good idea, I mean forcing others to eat my half baked items.

    Dear those who torture me , here i come with capital punishment !

    @Sathish,I wish i am a boy. At least they will excuse me , after some arrangements with bat or stick .

  4. 🙂 your post reminded me of my past. I had never entered kitchen in my life but later I had no choice (since mom wasnt there to cook) and I gradually learnt cooking. Now i can cook anything and kind of like it too 🙂

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