Perturbing Pets

You know something?

There is nothing noble in this materialistic world than renewing the old friendship. The souls, which were once your dears and nears in school/ college life may forgot you in course of life and fail to nurture the love you poured for them, but it is the onus of every individual to seek those friends once in a while to say ‘Hello’ and other things. Such was the wisdom that dawned suddenly upon me on one perfect morning. Soon I was on the street , walking swiftly.

It was a perfect morning. Sky was gauzy. Sun shone smartly. Birds chirped sweetly.  As I walked on the crowded street,  my thoughts were not on the vast sky, or on the sun, or on the chirping birds, but on the person, whom I was about to meet to renew the good old friendship after a over-extended break. She was my school friend and tuition mate.

In a matter of minutes, I was buzzing my buddy’s calling bell . I was eager. The door busted open and there forced out a female. There she was ! Seconds passed in gaping. Some more seconds passed on gasping.  No more seconds wasted.  Recognition happened. Reconciliation happened. She shrieked , I shrieked.  She giggled, I giggled. She hugged , I hugged. This went on for a while, then I was asked to come-in. Her family graciously welcomed me.

After the initial “Nee enna panra”, “Nan enna panren” formalities , when we were about to exchange our post-school life happenings, suddenly, a  white bushy object made its presence and glared at me squarely on the eyeballs. It took only few milliseconds for the brain of its to signal its vocal chord, that the entity it is perceiving doesn’t belong to the family which governs it. The loyalty boiled in its blood and it started to bark. First slowly, then severely.

Suddenly a wild tremor shook behind my steeled face. Pets are not my favorite, especially dogs. Canine’s are cunning and they always attempt for leg bone of man, is my faith. I looked at my friend beseechingly, expecting her to say “SHOO, SHOO” or something to drove that object of hate. Instead, she said   ‘WOAH WOAH’ chorusing with her pet and in a sweet voice remarked ‘Ennadi chellam panra inga” for it is a female Pomeranian. That thing advanced towards her, changed its decision and direction on the way, and soon it was licking my feet.

This angered me to the core. There I was sitting, marshalling all my will from running away from the pet infested home, but my dear friend is pushing me to the den of devil. I mean, if she was really my dear friend, by that time that pet of hers must have been shackled at the room corner and should be looking at me pleadingly. Instead, she was still barking “WOAH WOAH” trying to gain the attention of that thing, which on the other end, licking my feet devotedly. Further to appall me, she looked that female dog reverently, a kind of look I give when I show my bookshelf to others.

Unable to restrain myself, I said in a shaking voice, ‘What is this?’

‘My sissy’

‘WHAT ?’

My last question got lost, for again both my friend and her sissy started to bark in a cajoling tone. I say, all these were totally depressing. Of course, you cannot argue with the friend, who feels pets are their sissy. But then, I didn’t give up.

I said in a commanding tone, ‘ Can you tie that in a corner?, I don’t like it licking my feet’

She looked horrified, but soon disguised her trouble and said in a sweet voice, ‘Vani, this is my sissy. She won’t hurt you. Come on Rosy, give akka a handshake’

This is the time for me to look horrified. The last thing I want to do in the world was handshaking with female dogs named Rosy. The dog was eagerly looking at my hands.  I guess , it must have been disappointed to eye my bony hand. Obviously there was no flesh to extract from it.  But still, it looked forward for the handshake.

The situation was out of control. To prevent from Rosy attempting to any disaster, a decision should be made, and soon. Out of blue, my mobile rang. I withdrew rapidly from the evil inflicted spot. It was customer care from CITI bank. For the first time, I spoke to them affectionately. I made my decision.

I returned to my friend and said ‘ See, I have got to go now. There is some problem at my office and they expect my presence there’

Soon, I was out, running towards my home.


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