Aayirathil Oruvan and other agonies

Even after two+ years of hard work poured in to a movie, which can be witnessed in each and every frame, I still cannot help mentioning that watching Aayrathil Oruvan was more than a agony. I cannot blame Selva Raghavan for the disaster of Aayirathil oruvan. It was me, the culprit.

It was I, who googled and found out that this movie is a adventure thriller, a journey to an unexplored forgotten lands of Chola dynasty to find their hidden past. It was I, who after fallen in deep love with Cholas ever since I read Ponniyin selvan, harped about the movie too much and wanted to watch it in a big screen immediately at once it was screened. It was I, who ordered that, this most awaited film should be watched with the whole family. But, my love for Cholas, failed me to see the other aspects of Selvaraghavan’s work, Of course, he is a great director. But , a family entertainer ? No !

So the problem is not with Selvaraghavan, but me choosing his film.

In fact, the movie has got pretty impressive story. The movie begins with a team of archeologists set forth for adventurous journey to track down a scientist/archeologist who had gone missing while he was on the mission to find the lands of long lost Cholas. Anitha Pandiyan (Reema sen), leads this team. Lavanya (Andrea),the daughter of missing archeologist and Muthu (Karthi), a local laborer, assist them in their quest. On their exhaustive expedition, quite unbelievably, they happen to discover the most poverty stricken Chola empire with its king (Parthiban), still dwelling in the lands which was cut down from civilization long ago. How this unsophisticated legends confronts their superior present generation is what the rest of story is all about, of course with few twists and turns.

The first half was engaging. The trio (Reema, Andrea and Karthi) has notable chemistry and made me laugh out loud at some places. Karthi, has done his finest performance. If there is anything that I am happy about this movie, It was his acting. So captivating.  I seriously wish, he get good dresses at least from the next films. Even Reema has done a better job, though her lip doesn’t sync with the dialogue. Thus, we managed well with the first half with action, humor, songs and other Selvaraghavan items thrown randomly.

At interval, my amma and few other ammas of other fellows, who sat next to us, pointed out their distaste towards certain scenes, especially the injection scene between Andrea and Karthi. The old generation are like that, they cannot take even this meager gulp of profanity. After all it is a selvaraghavan movie.  So I asked amma , with no clue of impending agony, to let it go free and watch the rest of the movie.

We were back to movie again. By that time, the long last cholas were found and was standing behind the screen. I cannot quite fathom, how others felt on seeing that scene, but I felt betrayed. May be because, I didn’t expect that uncultured Cholas would look so terrible. The whole set up was so dark and depressing which made me all sick soon. I mean, there I was sitting and expecting the mightiest king with his face glowing with power, however all I could see was bunch of barbarians. To agonize more, the second half was not dialogue driven. Even the meager dialogues were on purest Tamil. So I have to follow the visuals carefully if I don’t want to lose the story. But I cannot watch the visuals, because there was too much of exaggerated violence, vulgarity and all the other rots. And then there were series of popular scenes from Hollywood movies. The only appreciable thing about the second half was BGM.

For a couple of scene, when I shifted my face on the fear of what other barbarism I was about to witness, I sensed that my amma was staring devilishly at me. I got all angry. I mean, I was also on the same boat of agony right ? how can she blame me when I was on the verge of frustration. Anyway , I smiled at her politely and said ‘ Don’t worry, it will over soon’, except that it was not over. There were serial killing , fighting, raping and other things to make every nerve of mine to undergo severe stress. Then the movie ended. No one cared to watch the end. We were only happy that it ended.

This movie, is not for my type. But, others may like it.


12 thoughts on “Aayirathil Oruvan and other agonies

  1. actually, i kinda liked the movie… the problem is, its not a movie for our audience.. with a stunning presentation, psycho ragavan fails again after pudhupettai… (i liked pudhupettai too)

  2. Common guys the movie is good, ofcourse pity this guy who went for selvaraghvan movie with ‘amma’ 🙂

    But the scenes of rape , murder should all be seen in the context of what Srilankan Army has been oing to eelam tamils. Kind of realistic potrayal , i liked it.

    4 + , and i hope selva comes with a sequel !!

  3. Watched this movie with family? That must be a real pain.

    I had the job of translating the dialogues to a non tamil person. When reema was uttering those out of sync dialogues, I was tryin hard to understand!

  4. @Vani… great review indeed, you wrote what most of the audience would have felt after seeing the movie…before I start my comment, someone said he liked Pudhupettai.. “anna” vanakkam.. this movie is for you….

    coming back to point…as Vani said, today’s generation is eager to watch a bit of their greats (the Chola’s) & their prowess…. in a well lit screen and some kind of “real” history..ofcourse it can only be imagination if we talk about chola today, but atleast we expected some kinda facts and in presentable manner….but it looks like a biggest mockery…even if someone says that it was really inspired from Cholas, then I pity S.Raghavan.. he missed to sieze a biggest opportunity & 2 yrs is in trash, to capture the vibes with this grandeur subjects “THE CHOLAS”…. on the other hand, he could have simply driven the subject as some “Super tribes” of south India, who have super natural powers & could have moved the story, tracing them……

    I just remember a saying, LESS EXPECTATION = LESS DISAPPOINTMENTS… honestly speaking I never expected anything out of this movie.. cos of the MEGA projections all around before it got released….

  5. Same problems here, my heartiest wish is that the director should watch the uncut version of this movie with his parents with him in the middle in an ordinary theater, for a lot of family moviegoers come there, may be he can disguise himself in a parda or something to know the actual reaction of the public, may be that will shed some light as to the agonies faced by people who trusted him and came to watch his movie!!!!!

  6. @pradeed, Watch the movie. There are mixed opinions for this movie. you may like it.

    @KK, Our people will like these movies too. It depends on the way the movie is taken. Selvaraghavan failed in the second half screenplay.

    @GP, I am not a guy !

    @Pradeep TR, ya, watched with the whole family. Since it sounded like an historic adventure, I literally pushed everyone in my home to accompany me. Total disaster!

    @Sathish, yes, that scene is commendable.

    @Best_Review_worst_movie Thank you. It was a big blow for me by the way Cholas were portrayed. After all they were the most talented and capable rulers we ever had. It is too gloomy to see they were shown so impotent in the screen.

    @The Perfect Review, I don’t think he would mind. Selvaraghavan films are not to be watched with family. That’s the lesson learnt.

    @PT Don’t be 🙂

  7. huh.. vani.. it seems all your friends are just following your blindly…
    wat is that “watching with family” syndrome?
    so people categorize that family is full of good people who doesnt know what is violence, who doenst know what is porn and that everybody is like some saints from heaven directly.. dude.. family is full of people like us.. our father’s are not different than us at the very same age.. and if your mothers are so light hearted.. then teach them the world around.. crying in front of sun tv serials and looking after the household jobs alone is not life nor the world…
    but i dono wats wrong with you vani ?
    this movie was best from one of its kind..

    why cant we watch a movie just as a movie for the fact that its just a movie ?
    and how long are we gonna live inside a cocoon and put a mask for the people around us that family is full of love and good and great and best..

    huh.. mudiyala.. amma appa generation la than apdi sila per innum irukaanga na.. intha generation la ni kooda va vani ?

    • @Aravind, Every one has different expectation from a movie. I watch a movie for entertainment. And I didn’t find Aayirathil oruvan entertaining. The fact that I watched this film with my family didn’t help me either.
      Of course, everyone know what is violence, porn ,and other profanities .By no means we all are saints, especially me. Don’t ever get that wrong idea. But it doesn’t mean lets go as a family and have fun together with selvaraghavan-items in big screen. It is just that, We were not comfortable watching it together no matter how great and best the movie was from one of its kind.

  8. I thought you were talking about an M.G.R movie… 🙂
    Nice review, but I wonder what’s with the lack of originality of recent Tamil film names. I mean, I can understand if they run out of creative content for stories every once in a while, but even movie names? Polladhavan, Padikadhavan, Kathalikka Nermilllai, Ninaithale Inikum etc etc

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