I can’t believe Pongal holidays are already over. It was only 4 days back; I sat and mused on the prospect of upcoming happy holidays. Now all of a sudden everything vanished. On this Sunday evening when I think about the commencement of the next day in the life, my tummy tightens on the outlook of impending work. These holidays are real bliss, except for that Aayirathil oruvan movie fiasco and 24X7 work support of mine.

I guess I haven’t mentioned about that 24X7 support. When I am back home from Aayirathil oruvan on Mattu Pongal, with my nerves of upper head begged for Amurthanjan on the account of severe pain, the tiny Nokia mobile rang at 10.00P.M. It was the device given to me on last Wednesday afternoon by my team head at office, with the note – “From hereon, till next week, this mobile will ring at any time, any place demanding your immediate service. So, be alert. It is the onus of you to not miss any of the call and should deliver what has been requested from you”. So, when the mobile rang, I rubbed a scoop of Amurthanjan on forehead and set out to work.

When I closed the laptop, time was 12.00A.M.  I eyed myself in the mirror. I looked tired with patches of ointment still lasting in the head. I was happy for myself. I looked so brave and loyal. I mean, as per one of my New Year resolution, I had worked on a problem with full concentration. Wow!, I told myself and went off to bed.

15 minutes later, that Nokia-finding rang again. I was mildly annoyed for my headache was back to form then. However I didn’t display it. I spoke to the person, who called me from somewhere near Los Angeles, with much dignified voice. When he cut down the call, he was rather relaxed with the contentment as the problem that bothered his hand was shifted to a better hand. Of course, he didn’t know that this better hand was on the other end banging its head out of pain. But still, I was all resolved. I worked for another couple of hours with all the determination and went off to the bed again at 2.15 A.M

I didn’t immediately sleep for all the gory scenes of the movie that I had watched few hours back, were entertaining me on that moment. Then slowly when the sleep was stealing over me, the device rang again. The same fellow, for the third time on the same night, was eagerly telling me about a new problem. For a split second in the utter frustration, I thought of pointing out to that fellow, that, here in Chennai, it is kanum Pongal and he is depriving the pleasures of the festive mood. Also, I wanted to tell him about Aayirathil oruvan film and my feelings towards it, and how badly I am in need of sleep at the moment. Certainly, I didn’t say all these.

I just worked for another couple of hours and went to bed by 4.15A.M


2 thoughts on “24X7

  1. Hey vani,

    this happens with 24X7 support similiar thing happened to me on last good friday weekend. hope u enjoy april 14 Tamil new Year. I always think if i can alernative source of income when i stay awake in nights but for now i dont have a choice.


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