Besides Books

I can’t believe that I am attempting to read something besides novels. It has been quite a long time since I touched technical stuffs. Last, perhaps, was at college. It is not that I want to become a hard core techy all of a sudden. It is just that the current circumstances demands my attention on DOT NET.  When circumstance demands it, of course, we should bow for it and cannot venture to say “I want to read only fictions and fantasies”, especially at the times of pink slips.

So, last Monday started this DOT NOT training of ours at office campus. Though I missed the complete 4 hour class of first day and 2 hour class of second day , I was warmly welcomed by the Trainer Mr.Tikkam in to the class. There were around some 15 to 17 upcoming-techies sitting and hitting the computer sternly on that dark room, where I stepped in.  Soon I gathered the gist of the session.  There in the white board, it was written with the black marker “SQL server 2005” and Mr. Tikkam was aiding us to get enlighten on this another obscure Microsoft product.

Since then I have dedicated myself to SQL sever. This training will go on for next 1 or 2 months. I am really striving hard each day not to flunk on the tests that are conducted at each Friday. If you ask me personally about my take on test, I will say it should be a idea of some weekend working-junkie mainly to spoil the pleasures of holiday. I mean, I cannot look forward for a bright happy weekend when my scores were on single digit. Not that the scores really matters, but a pint of regret will always surface whenever I set to read a good book on Friday night. Further, they are so many fresher in our batch, who should not think their seniors can not even extend their memory to accommodate couple of SQL queries. So that’s my idea, that is not to get single digit marks and should protect myself from these harsh fresh outputs of academy.

PS – Microsoft should stop all their ridiculousness and should soon come to their senses. They are only making the life tougher for others, especially me.


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