The tight spot in telling things

There are ways to tell a thing. For instance, lets take the question ‘How was the movie?’, the answer could be,

‘Great! Had a nice time’  -OR- ‘Horrible, Don’t bother to go’

Simple, eloquent, up to the point phrases.

But, expressive people won’t prefer this way. They answer differently.

Take the same question ‘How was the movie?’

They will start from the origin of the movie. Pretty much from the embryo stage at director’s mind. Then how they came to know about it, who booked the tickets, how many tickets were booked, how they migrated to theater, how they missed the title, how hero introduction sucked, how the story progressed, what they thought of the story then, and so on ….this will continue. By the time they creep in to the incidents till interval, their mobile would beep. If you think this interruption would relieve the pain from this bit expressive conversation, then you are wrong. Because, they will gesticulate at you to be patient for 2 sec and prod with the victim at other end.  After 10 or 15 minutes on peaceful phone, they would return back with the refreshed memory to proceed the long left journey, obviously forgetting the bookmark and thereby attempting to start the movie all over again. Gripping the impending doom, the listener would then remind them the scene from where to take off. By the time, the narration was complete the hand clock would exclaim at the evaporation of 40 minutes .

I don’t have anything against this class of mass except that they give me headaches even though I wear my eye glass.


6 thoughts on “The tight spot in telling things

  1. @KK, yeah kathula ratham varatha korai than ! Most irritating thing here is, I don’t even feel like watching that film ever..

    @Pradeep TR, 😀 I am glad

  2. Hahaha, I have seen such people too 🙂 🙂 I do narrate the story, only if the other party wants to listen to it. Only if they ask me “what is the movie about? What kind of story?” 🙂

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