Recently the announcement of me taking up a prominent lead role in my team, came quite as a surprise to me. Though, on the surface I splashed a smile, inside I felt the sharp shock. I am not one of those brainy beans who is comfortable in telling others what to do each time. In all my life, except for the past few days, leader is one such word that never came anywhere ½ a mile radius around me. Now all of a sudden it sprang to life and causing ripples in the backwater of my being.

Coming to “Bossing” , I am bit short on brain myself. Hence this sudden swap of role made me all jitter . Few days back, I was there doing things completely for myself, now out of the blue I should rest watchful eyes on what others are doing .Quite unpleasant of course, but that is the way it should be. To shake me more, I have been targeted daily with the questions ..

• Please let me know your comments.
• Please advise.
• Let me know your thoughts.
• Your opinions please ?
• Is this correct?
• How to proceed?

On the pleasant positive side, despite the fact that these bullet-in points sounds polite, on the negative side, it has the most threatening note that goes like ‘If something goes wrong later, you muck, you will be blamed and subsequently doomed. Have that in your half baked – or not baked at all – mind’.

This is my status quo. Surely, at once, this must have been the state of affairs of the lads Ghandi or Nehru or Nelson Mandela or whoever who took great stand on history by being a strong leader, nevertheless these thoughts are not very comforting. Responsibilities are like carrying a bulging bomb in bare head, that might backfire at any time.


4 thoughts on “Responsibilities

  1. Hi Vani… How are you ?

    Congrats for becoming lead.

    Why such a long gap b/n your posts. thought you went onsite.

    Awesome lines… “half baked – or not baked at all – mind ”

    Lastly – Please let me know your comments. 🙂

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