Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

The much awaited VTV was screened today and I being a big fan of Gautham Vasudev menon, had not failed to miss the show. Next to Maniratnam, according to me, Gautam menon must be the only director who has rather a distinctive touch in handling romance. The transformation of plain and simple Surya to a much macho Anbhuchelvan was too stunning and magical in Kaaka Kaaka, and ever since Gautham is one of my favorite film maker. Though I held high hope for Varanam Ayiram, my expectations for VTV was not the same. It got dipped, due to Simbhu. This overact-ive hero had never failed to make me regret in the first place for choosing his flicks. He is one of those hero, who has full potential to blow up a movie single-handedly, provided a chance or not. So, it was with full known peril that I ventured to watch Simbhu’s film in cinema theatre and I regret not now.

The movie started with the Hero’s head voice much like other Gautham’s films. Slowly the story drifted through the neat screen play. No hustle. No bustle. Handsome Karthik (Simbhu) falls in love with stunning Jessie (Trisha), on the very first glimpse. Then as usual, our hero chases her, propose her, begs her, finally even convince her and kisses her. All these were shown in Gautam menon’s style. It was all warm, enjoyable, romantic, loving, tender, beautiful and what not ! To everyone’s guess ,heroin, in the half way of movie, stops her wedding(with other guy ), calls hero ‘A crazy’ for quite a number of times and confirms her love for him. Touching, I must say. She even offers to elope. Every one claps on the theatre. So far, so good. By that time, 3/4th of the movie was gone and I find no flaws except it pretty much reminded me of the first half (Surya-Sameera portion) of Varanam Aayiram. Still, I liked it.

Truth to be told, I want the movie to end there. What else I want than two young hearts binding together, like fevicol glued wooden boards. But director’s thoughts were different , which, I couldn’t understand till the end. Only thing that I could sense was something set loose in the rest quarter of the film and no one has no clue on what it was. Let me make my point clear, I don’t mean, the ending was not as expected, but, it is just that there was so much of confusion on how to end. Three times, I stood up literally thinking the movie was over and subsequently nudged by my mates to sit quiet as I was wrong.

Besides the droopy climax, I had one more problem with the movie. MUSIC. Inspite of it done by AR Rahman, which I enjoyed much on IPOD, I some how had the nagging feeling, that it didn’t go well with the scenes. ARR’s dominated music is too strong for this soft romantic drama, is my opinion.

As well as characterization was concerned , it was neat. Both the lead roles were scenic. It is time to appreciate Simbhu. Gosh ! he is reformed and it must not be feasible without some stern effort from Gautham, which I would say ‘A greatest achievement from a director’. The transformation of Simbhu to much modest, striking Karthik is appreciable than Vikram’s transformation in Pithamagan. I mean, I never thought this spoiled dude Simbhu could come under anything that is remotely likeable. What I always had for him was pure loath. Cha, I was wrong. If fine hand touches fine spot, even a glitter can become gold. The movie is definitely worth watching, at least once, for this guy.

All said. Now the final verdict is , if you liked Surya-sameera portion of romance in Vaaram Aayiram, there are wide chances for you to enjoy this movie as well. And about the climax, it depends on audience perspective. I find it floppy.

PS – I wish Vijay work for Gautham. He too need some reformation.


18 thoughts on “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

  1. actually i liked the climax of the movie. Im not the person who leaves the theatre after the last scene rather wait for the credits tn roll even. What could we interpret in the the climax is reality is different from the cinema and the true love for jesse in karthik and he has not moved on.

  2. What is the ending like…Is this movie okay to eb watched with kids as we did a big mistake taking them to Varnam Aiuram (second half) was quite abit of violence

  3. i like the movie very much i saw this movie in both tamil and telugu versions you can say the frame to frame similarit but the ending is wat i didnt understood in telugu its positive as in the last song karthik and jessie are happily married and move on with love bu why he has changed it tamil vtv where it has an negative ending

  4. Arey buddhu, You are a dumbo stupid… Hey stupid how dare you call ARRs music average after watching the clippings… Hey stupid the songs are more excellent infact GOD when heard in the theatre.. you are a real stupid… some aspects of your review is okay, but songs are real GOD man… Aaromale wow.. what a class, can anyone dream of such a song… of course soulless idiots like you cannot apprecia dappangutte… you better watch dappanguthu… I think you that that class, low class…

  5. Its a fentastic movie. One of my favourite movie.
    I started to like trisha and simba from this movie..
    songs wow chance less great music………………..amazingggggggggg.

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