An experience

If any of you, by mistake, had the misfortune to read one of my recent posts, they would be knowing I was sitting tight in a training class, few days back, along with the fresh pass outs from college, for renewing my technical tissues  Though the gist of that program was to offer technical knowledge, I literally missed that gist by busy doing other things, but the gone times were not wasted as I had wisely invested them in learning one of those life’s greatest lessons for a second time by merely making my presence in the class.

From the day 1 , ripe experience told me that clever handling is required re these fresh pass outs. I mean, they are just been lugged into office campus, and if I judge correctly, they must be probing for a prey now to get the answers for all their unanswered queries in the office campus. To answer their queries, in fact, is not a big problem only if I know. So, I was much silent from the first day, maintaining the needed distances from others, much like what a ideal capable victim would do in the circumstance when it needs protection from better hands.

Fate, that day, was not in friendly terms with me. When I was waiting for our trainer to initiate the morning sleep, one of the bright bold girl from that fresh group asked me suddenly if I could spare my time.

‘Why not ?’ , said I by shocking myself.

In the next fleeting seconds, that north Indian girl was next to me, discussing her serious problems.  Like any other fresher, I realized, she seemed to had loads of concerns that stretched on many areas. For instance, she would ask ‘Which bus should I catch from Karapakkam to land porur’ ? OR ‘Why they charge 1500/- for people coming from Thiruvanmayur in office Cab? , the next moment she would switch the matters and ask ‘Can I take one week of leave ?’ . Like so and so other things.

These are not tough questions of life , I consoled myself and set forth to dispel all her doubts. In the course of dispelling the doubts , I was forced to say my years of work experience. Shocked she was, for I could see her pinkness deepening in that bright face. I had no problems on this. I mean, a aunty couple of buildings away from my home, still thinks I am studying. I cannot blame others really, for not taking me inside the wise adult circle. Part of fault is on me too. That breadth and width of mine …. ..Any way, I am drifting. Now, let me get back to the actual story.

On exposing my experience, I landed myself pretty smoothly on a strong soup, as it had  changed the chain of thoughts of my devotee.  She started to shoot mature matters.

‘What is your salary ?’, she demanded.

Seriously, I never understand the concept behind asking others salary. What would one gain out of this ? A share of salary ? NO! then why prod others with these inquiry. But I know how to answer this.

X % from last year, I asserted.

She blinked. Sensing my unwillingness to answer this query, she attempted another wise one.

‘What do you do with your salary ?’

For which I laughed loudly and said ‘Of course, I spend’. To that she said, she know that, but what she meant was, ‘how would I invest my money?’. Then I got the essence of her question , laughed out loud for no obvious reason and said ‘Oh ! I invest wisely’.

I didn’t like the way the conversation was going.  Invest, finance, salary are not my area of interest and I strictly forbid someone prying me on this. But all was too late. She didn’t mind crossing the border line, she continued ..

So, you do invest ! How ?

It is my turn to blink. But, She didn’t stop.

What do you think about Mutual funds ?

I increased the swiftness of blinking. On the other hand, She didn’t wait for me to get over my blinking phase

‘Is it good to go for Insurance ? Will loans be a better option for tax exemption ?’

I was not given further options to blink. Our trainer in the mean time entered the class and was asking us about the assignments. Thankfully, the conversation ended. But I never felt such a puppy shame in my life. Though I was not willing to discuss finance with her, the actual problem is I don’t know it by myself.

Note to me : Think about the proverb ‘A still tongue keeps wise head’  before engaging in chats next time. And of course, invest wisely as you said.


5 thoughts on “An experience

  1. Quite contrasting…I would be excited if someone asks me for advice on investments. Though most of the tips I give work for others, it never works for me. However, I would make sure that I would never bump into people who ask for my salary…

  2. so kadasi varaikkum unga salary ennanu solla maatteenga… righttu… puppy shame ungalukkaa, illa andha ponnukkaa.. neenga dhana edhukkum answer pannaama muzhichadhu…. aanaalum oru chinna ponna neenga ipdi mokka pannirukka koodaadhu… enkitta mattum vandhu andha ponnu pesirukkattume…

  3. @Pradeep, I think guys like finance and investment stuffs…We – at least I – like only to spend 😉

    @KK you know blinking is one of the best answer you can give …Ennathu chinna ponna ? Don’t take these chinna ponnu(s) so lightly 😉

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