In defense of shopping

Past two days had been pretty good. It is not like I had won a lottery or something. It is just that our office email server was persistent to let our emails get through it. The end result, we were brutally blinded from knowing what other part of the world was doing behind those great walls of server. Though this email server outage enraged everyone, after a matter of hours, we were busy chatting this and that, forgetting that other part of the world and focusing fully on matters of not-so-national-importance.

In the course of communication between four colleagues, out of which I am the only unmarried, a topic on Women’s shopping surfaced. It wasn’t tough for the two female contributor – one being me- in that group, to sense the sudden change in the atmosphere, as it was flawlessly obvious from the face of the fellow gender, that they are not so appreciative on the Female’s shopping performance. The loath on their face and the ‘eye-rolling-hands-upward’ signal suggested that, the prime factor of this detestation was their dear wife. It seems, from what they told later, when their better-half were busy buying bright dresses at Ranganathan street, there were placed on some low priority queue endlessly. Made them all sore, I must say, those idleness in waiting.

I was not at all disturbed for I know very well the male’s mind. Because , two such gentlemen are at my home itself. I had seen the same ‘eye rolling’ and ‘hands upward to beg the unknown to save’ gestures, often displayed by my own father and brother, whenever we women invites them to shop with us. It was all hurting at first, but then, we stood stiff and sustained the shopping. So, I could sense how my colleagues wives whom I hadn’t yet met must have felt

Men should do some psychoanalysis here. If you had a chance to watch the recent flick “Vinnaithandi varuvaya’, where the confused lead lady will say to her dying-in-love hero ‘ Karthik, I am like this. I don’t know what I want.’ , you will get the truth that, it was not at all easy for a lady to choose things in her life. Being a guy or garment. Besides, the Ranganathan street doesn’t make women’s life easier. By offering endless assortments on various stuffs, it only puts sheer pressure on the tender sex in the selection process, which eventually makes them forget about time and other things.

Of course, I didn’t told them the above paragraph. Before I burst to explain them the female point of view and attempted to liberate the women from the accusations, my opinions were dismissed by a mere wave of hand.

Later that day when I was stepping out from office, an NDTV reporter asked me if I can say something about Women’s day. I thought of telling him above my views on why women takes more time in Ranganathan street but later decided against it. Then, as usual, I kept the tongue tied and just smiled at them hinting I am not interested.


4 thoughts on “In defense of shopping

  1. i saw the women shopping spree live wen we wer in delhi… one guy was literally transformed into a human carrybag (against his wii) and was carrying all the things our frnds (gals) wer buying.. the 4hour shopping was not enough for them and i cant express the gleam in their eyes wen they wer shopping and bargaining… its not lik they always do, but wen they do…………..phew

    p.s. try shopping with boys who hav gal frnds.. worst than the above said experience….

  2. 🙂 true! we girls find it hard to choose anything easily! My dad gets frustrated too when we go out for shopping. Usually we try to avoid taking him to the shop else he gets bored and forces us to shop soon

  3. @KK It’s a women thing ! Tough for male mind to grasp that great pleasure.

    @Avada, Ditto in my family 🙂

    @Suresh It is not about jessi . It is my general opinion.

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