Good Morning

Of many things that had slipped my mind lately, Good morning is one such. Gone are those greenish days where we girls – as I was put up in a pure girls school – stood straight to greet the teachers with a strong shout – ‘GOOD MORNINGGGG MAMMMMM’. That brusque shout showed the ardor we beheld for behaviors.‘ Saying Good morning,’  I was told, ‘is one among among the social etiquettes’. It is essential to keep these etiquettes in check when one is at school, to avoid the unnecessary visitation to most unlikely places like principal room frequently. Thus, each day passed in school with good passionate “GOOD MORNING”.

Afterwards, college happened.  Of course, I still checked, time to time, my social etiquettes were on the mark. However, it had not been tough to perceive that passion degrading.  Meager murmurs replaced the strong shouts. The professors in college were not wished with well formed “GOOD MORNING MAMMMM/SIRRRR” but with a weak “good morr…” . The end note “–ing sirrr/mamm” , for some reason, seemed strenuous to hit and we bothered not to hit it.

Then, I was lugged in to lucrative IT world.  It is when, I think, I had given up this good manner altogether.  When I think of its disappearance now, two reasons can be pointed out.

1) When you wish some one ‘Good Morning’ at busy office mornings , you will most likely receive a nod , if possible , perhaps a slight shift of eyeballs from LCD monitor to the direction of yours , and nothing much, unless the buster you had wished is on bench and wanting to wish you back with a bright smile and happy morning.

2) When someone wish you ‘Good Morning’ at busy office mornings , and if suppose, you are the one on the bench and wanting to wish back, you will end up with an decent disappointment. Because, the time frame it takes  you to reciprocate the greeting is too much to afford for the wisher. Hence, by the time you turn your head with a bright smile and ‘Happy morning’ at your pink lips to offer, the figure which had wished you would be gone to his seat and must be booting his laptop.

Yes, we still meet etiquettes in meeting rooms, but, it lacks the “GOOD MORNINGGG MAMMMMM” ardor.


3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Hmmm…ahh yes the good old days, back in high school!!! I havent particularly given up the practice, but instead of GOood Moorrrniing Maaam…I just wish a curt ‘Morning, and move along, flashing my 100 watt smile as I go by!!! 😀
    Newayz…its been ages at ur blog, nice to get back!!!

  2. Know what, we have this Professor of Medicine who complained to our unit head about the ‘kids who failed to stand up with respect as he left the class room after LECTURE’. Ever since that event, we used to greeeeeeet lavishly if ever he was spotted a mile away!!!

    Same with this Surgery Prof., he actually slows himself whatever be the rush he is in and greets us back… 😉

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