On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I don’t know whether I mentioned this earlier or not. One of the resolution I made this year is to spend wee bit of time on biographies. I can still recollect the time I made this decision. All started with a dream. In the dream, I was chasing, along with vampires and werevolves, a cop who had murdered a beautiful princess and was trying to escape the premises. That was the time I was busy reading Agatha Christie, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series and Meg Cabot’s Princess series. Mystery, Fantasy and teen-fiction all got me in one dream.

Though, initially, I related this dream of mine to one of the best unconscious creative invention, later it made to worry about my mind. Girls, I realized,  of my age should not be running along with werewolves and vampires however good looking they may be. An inner enlightenment born there, I revised my choice of books and took resolution to read some meaningful works thereafter. Especially biographies. Preferably on/by authors. I wanted to force myself to peek into the life of those who entertain me endlessly without the slightest knowledge of what they ‘have done/ are doing’ to me. Authors are simply great.

My first book was ‘Autobiography of Agatha Christie’. I liked it. Next read was ‘On writing’ by Stephen king. Let me tell you , I am not a fan of Stephen king. ‘Misery ‘ is the only book I have ever touched from his work. Next to self help books, horror is a genre which will boost me to run away with the speed of a Olympic champion. Having said all these, I cannot help admiring this man after reading this book.

“On Writing’ is not a typical biography.  It is different from its kind. Biographies are bound to pour endless personal information of the person it deals with, which unfortunately sometime makes them a mammoth manual instead of an interesting memoir.  Mr. King, valuing his readers time , in this book focuses only on the things that transformed him to  an admirable author. His journey to a best selling author is interesting. His insight on writing is inspiring, His daring attitude tells he knows what he is talking. Above all, he knows how to write a page-turning-biography, which many biographers bothered not to do.

I liked Stephen king’s genuine interest to show WRITING on a new light. Read it ! even if you have slightest interest on writing.  It will change your perception on this great art.


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