Anu Alavum Bayamillai

Adventurers never cease to alert me.

Amidst the reality shows of singing and dancing, if you care to browse the TV channels, you will witness this “AXN-fear-factor” kind of shows slowly creeping in. “Anu Alavum Bayamillai” of Vijay TV is one such.
The contestants of this show are authentic aspirants of adventurers. In each episode they will undergo a series of ordeals to prove us (viewers) how tough they can be, when it comes to competition. We viewers should then exclaim, ‘Ah! Here see how tough these beauties are?’

The ordeals- to name few- constructed for these episodes goes like this
1) Gulp a jar of egg shake
2) Chew a bowl of green chilies
3) Taste belly portion of raw fish
4) Mash a sack of onions in a closed glass room

I wonder how the ordeal setter came up with these tasks. If someone asks me to mash a sack of onion, I will say, ‘No thanks, instead I might murder you’.

I can picture him, this ordeal setter, at home brooding over the tasks for next episode. Suddenly he sees his wife, sitting next to him peels the onion skin. A thought strike him like a bullet.

To his wife, he asks, ‘What is it?’
‘On your eyes?’
‘Those tears!’
‘Oh! It is the onions.’
‘Voila! I got the idea!’
‘Will you mash a sack of onion? Will you?’
‘In a closed room ?’
‘I will probably kill you.’
‘Yes! That’s it. That’s the reaction I want from the viewers’, he says to himself and run to shoot the show.

I guess that is how these episodes must have born.

PS – Adventurers, they show in this show, are always beautiful. Why? Just a doubt.


2 thoughts on “Anu Alavum Bayamillai

  1. 🙂 I never watched this program, Vani for the reasons you’ve stated..! There’s a difference between doing something daring, and something stupid.. Somehow, this appears to be in the 2nd category for me.

    Btw, I see influence of PGW in your writing – Good! I got influenced as well when I was writing my blog and I think I can see it happening with you as well… super… he has such a positive effect! 🙂

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