Alarming increase in mass

It has become quite a fashion for these giant IT companies to acquire small budding firms, or to merge with another reputed firm. Expansion of business, they say. However, a loophole of substantial size has been failed to consider in this process.

When two family merges, there should be at least two more new rooms to welcome all the new members and offer them a cup of coffee. Being courteous is essential. Somehow, I think, this seemed to have slipped the minds of men who had signed the contract papers. One can readily imaging a top honcho of the giant company signing a contract and saying – ‘Welcome , Welcome Mr Chairman, we are so happy to welcome your family’. Suddenly a vague thought manifest itself in his mind and make him click his tongue, “Where will I put this family, and the nuts and bolts they carry” . He thinks a moment and says to himself “No problem, lets ask the old members to get out and give the new ones their place”.

Now all the old ones who are blood and bones (to say) to the company, have to work from home or from others home to make enough space for the new folks to sit and rest. Work from home is a best option, I can hear one argue. For that I must reply, It is a best option, if one doesn’t mind messing up one’s spinal cord and go blind soon at the young age. I have personal experience over this. To simply put, home atmosphere can never equal corporate ambience. At home, one can cook, sing, dance, sleep and can even read. But to deliver 8 hours of work daily, amidst the power outage, is too much of strain.


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